Tonight is President Obama’s State of the Union address, and the White House Blog recently posted a piece on “The State of the Union and You.”

So in case you were wondering how to participate in the annual address, here are two foolproof steps:

Step One: Watch the address at 9pm Eastern. If you don’t have a TV, you can watch it online at Want company? Organize a viewing party with friends or coworkers! Note that tonight will be the first time in recent memory that some members of Congress will sit next to a colleague from a different party.

Step Two: Now that you’ve watched the address, decide how you want to engage. No need to rush your choice though, because there will be opportunities all week: right after the address, Senior White House officials will answer questions; on Wednesday before his briefing, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs will take questions via Twitter, and; on Thursday President Obama will answer questions live during a YouTube interview. See the blog for details and a list of ways to participate.

And if you want something less official? The League of Young Voters Education Fund is broadcasting a live panel discussion immediately following the address. You can follow updates on Twitter via #BarackTalk or watch it online.

Almost forgot Step Three: Enjoy!

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