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2011 Webinar Rewind . January 4, 2012

In 2011 we hosted an array of expert presenters on a variety of voter engagement and participation topics. Before we announce our 2012 webinar series schedule, we wanted to review some of last year’s top webinars: We shared groundbreaking new research from the 2010 election that documented the impact nonprofits have when they talk to read more

Holiday Tips from Nonprofit VOTE . December 12, 2011

With the holidays upon us, only a handful of people are giving the 2012 election much thought, and chances are they have a January primary. Although many people are preoccupied with carols, ice skating, hot cocoa, and vacation, there are still plenty of opportunities to sneak voter registration into the fun (without any extra effort)! read more

Voter ID Passes in Mississippi . November 10, 2011

On Tuesday, Mississippi voters passed a constitutional amendment that requires voters to show government issued photo identification in order to vote. The initiative includes provisions for free photo IDs, but as with all photo ID laws, the impact on voters will depend on implementation. Although many of the states that passed voter ID laws this read more

Voting Rights Victory in Maine . November 9, 2011

We’ll have a more complete summary of 2011 election results later, but we just couldn’t wait to share Maine’s victory! Yesterday, Maine voters decided to restore Election Day Registration (EDR)–leaving an almost 40 year tradition unbroken. Sixty percent of voters supported EDR, and have made it possible for future voters to register and cast their read more

November 2011 Election Resources . November 4, 2011

Many voters will be heading to the polls on Tuesday. Make sure you’re prepared for Election Day and know where you’re voting, what’s on the ballot, and where to turn if you have questions. Remember that you may be able to cast your ballot early either in-person or by mail, depending on where you live. read more

November 2011 Election Roundup . November 2, 2011

Yesterday was Election Day in Colorado, although voters in most states and municipalities will not be heading to the polls until next Tuesday, November 8. However, Colorado is not the first state to kick off election season a little early. Gubernatorial and State Legislative ElectionsLouisiana has already (re)elected Governor Bobby Jindal in a nonpartisan blanket read more

Preparing for Municipal Elections . August 22, 2011

After our webinar last week on municipal and local elections, we wanted to follow up and make sure your nonprofit was excited and prepared for this fall. If your community is having a municipal election this year there are plenty of ways to get involved and get out the vote. Want to host a candidate read more