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40 Secretaries of State #CelebrateNVRD in 2015 . November 6, 2015

In 2015, 40 Secretaries of State and state election offices promoted voter registration by endorsing National Voter Registration Day and National Voter Registration Month. See the full story below or open it in a new tab. [View the story “Secretaries of State #CelebrateNVRD in 2015” on Storify]

Just One Week to Election Day . October 27, 2015

In just one week, thousands of elections will be held across the country for everything from school board member to city councilor to mayor. Whatever’s on your ballot, make sure that you, your staff, volunteers, clients and consumers are ready to vote! One way to do that is to use Nonprofit VOTE’s “Voting in Your read more

Don’t Overlook 2015 . April 24, 2015

While there are already candidates officially running for office in 2016, this year’s elections should not be overlooked. In 2015, 558 cities will hold mayoral elections. Although national elections get the majority of news coverage, “It’s often these local governments that determine policy issues about policing, education, transportation, infrastructure, all of these things that more read more

2015 Webinar Series Preview . January 12, 2015

A New Year and new elections can only mean one thing–the return of Nonprofit VOTE’s webinar series! In 2015 we will cover a variety of nonprofit voter engagement topics, including: Nonpartisan Guidelines for 501(c)(3) Nonprofits, Voter Registration, Voter Turnout in the 2014 Midterm Election, Candidate Engagement, Ballot Measure Advocacy, National Voter Registration Day, and more! read more

Be a Voter

2015 New Year’s Resolution: Be a Voter . January 2, 2015

Voting is a habit. But so is sitting out an election. Make 2015 the year that you pledge to be a voter. Let this year be the start of many years of voting to come. Although many states don’t have high profile races this year, that doesn’t mean there aren’t elections that matter. Local issues read more