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California Becomes 2nd State to Automate Voter Registration . October 12, 2015

On Saturday Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1461 (along with 13 other voting and election bills), making California the second state to adopt automatic voter registration. Oregon did so earlier this year. In Oregon, an estimated 300,000 voters could be added to the rolls with automatic registration. In California, the Secretary of State’s office reports read more

New Secretaries of State Consider Election Changes . January 8, 2015

Last year, 24 states elected their top elections official. Swearing ins have begun in earnest, and many new secretaries of state have already outlined their plans for improving elections. In California, Secretary Alex Padilla is asking for input on how to #BoostTheVote and increase voter participation, noting that “the best ideas often come from citizens read more

Outreach to “Unlikely” Voters Creates Voters . November 17, 2014

Thad Kousser, a professor of political science at UC San Diego, recently wrote in the The Los Angeles Times about low voter turnout in California. In the June 2014 primary, only a quarter of registered voters cast a ballot, the lowest turnout rate ever in a California primary. In addition to the general turnout problem, read more

Tips for Successfully Casting a Vote-by-Mail Ballot . October 17, 2014

Early voting is on the rise as voters take advantage of increased flexibility about how and when to cast their ballot. As a result, many voters are receiving and returning their ballot by mail–potentially as many as one in five voters this year. However, in 2012 more than a quarter of a million absentee ballots read more

The Final Count: 2014 Ballot Measures . September 11, 2014

Thanks to Ballotpedia we have the final count for statewide ballot measures this year–148. Just 35–a near record low–of these ballot measures are citizen-proposed. The last time the total number of statewide measures fell below 150 was 1986. In 2012, voters saw 188 statewide ballot questions. 136 of this year’s statewide ballot measures will appear read more

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States Tinker with Elections . August 26, 2014

In the constantly changing election landscape, many states are trying to find ways to improve the voter experience and increase turnout while saving money. In Arizona–which pioneered online registration back in 2002–an online voter registration costs just 3 cents, compared to 83 cents for a paper registration. In Washington state the cost of an online read more

Registration Improvements for California Voters . August 24, 2012

California is poised to become the newest Election Day Registration (EDR) state. Currently, Californians must be registered two weeks ahead of Election Day, but under a new bill eligible voters would be allowed to register up to and on Election Day. If Governor Brown signs the bill, California will join ten other states and the read more

Remember to Vote with Your Mission! . June 5, 2012

It’s Election Day in California, where CalNonprofits’ Vote with Your Mission campaign is officially underway! Last month, we described their efforts to achieve 100% participation among California’s nonprofit staff and volunteers in the 2012 June and November elections. As of today, more than 100 nonprofits have already signed on! Organizations represent the diversity of California’s read more

LA County Takes Strategic Look at Elections . May 10, 2012

Last fall the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk–overseeing the largest voting district in the country with over four million voters–announced that it would completely overhaul its election system over the next five years. Before making any decisions, however, they wanted to know what voters thought about elections. They surveyed more than 1,000 voters and more read more

California Nonprofits to "Vote with Your Mission" . May 7, 2012

On May 1st, the California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits) launched their Vote with Your Mission campaign with the goal of 100% participation among California’s nonprofit staff and volunteers in the upcoming June and November elections. What does “Vote with Your Mission” mean? CalNonprofits explains that “all of us have come to work and volunteer in read more

Voter Registration Initiatives in California . September 23, 2011

September has been an exciting and busy month for voter registration legislation in California. The state passed two new registration laws which will make the registration process more accessible. Their passage is yet another reason we’re excited to celebrate voter registration this month.  The first bill allows “new citizens”–individuals who became citizens during the two read more

National Popular Vote: (Almost) Halfway There . August 10, 2011

On Monday California Governor Jerry Brown signed the National Popular Vote bill, making California the 8th state to enact the law, along with Washington D.C. With California on board, the National Popular Vote plan now has 49% of the electoral votes needed (132 of 270) to guarantee the presidency to the winner of the popular read more

California Moves Closer to Finalizing New Districts . August 8, 2011

The California Citizens Redistricting Commission recently approved the final drafts of the state’s new district maps, setting the stage for its next challenge–potential lawsuits. The commission must formally certify the maps by August 15 and present them to the secretary of state, although Californians can challenge the districts in court or at the polls. Redistricting read more

In California, Redistricting Input Generates Results . June 16, 2011

Did you attend a local redistricting hearing to offer testimony about your community? If so, rest assured that it paid off. Last week California’s Citizens Redistricting Commission released the first set of draft redistricting maps. Upon their release, Greenlining Institute Redistricting Fellow Michelle Romero noted “One thing that’s clear is that when communities turned out read more

Californians May Soon Be Able to Register Online . August 27, 2008

Californians may soon be able to use their computers to register to vote and they can thank the state Department of Motor Vehicles for the chance. The San Francisco Chronicle has this story…

New Resource: Overview of California’s 2008 Redistricting Reform . July 24, 2008

The Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) has published a comprehensive overview of California’s 2008 redistricting reform proposals to assist legislators, the media, and interested citizens in understanding and comparing the measures. In an easy-to-read chart format, the Overview (pdf) details the major provisions of California’s current redistricting law and compares them with the pending legislative read more

Over Half of All California Voters Used Mail Ballots . July 14, 2008

On July 14, the California Secretary of State Debra Bowen, in a press release, noted that for the first time ever, over half the voters who voted in the recent primary cast their votes by mail. Specifically, 58.7% of all voters who voted, voted by mail. California is the third state to have experienced this read more

New Report: IRV in San Francisco, 2004-2006 . July 3, 2008

Francis Neely and Corey Cook examine San Francisco voters’ experience with instant runoff voting (IRV) from 2004-2006. Demographic influences on ranking the candidates – do certain demographic groups rank more candidates than others for example – are found to be very limited. Overall voters are found to have adapted relatively well to IRV. American Politics read more

CA Legislature Passes National Popular Vote Plan . July 2, 2008

On 06/30, the California Assembly passed National Popular Vote Plan bill (SB 37). The measure already passed the State Senate in 2007. The bill now will be sent for the second time to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for signature (Governor Schwarzenegger previously vetoed the measure in 2006).