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Voters to Decide on Election Changes . October 28, 2014

This year, voters in a number of states will make decisions on how to conduct elections. Montana adopted Election Day Registration (EDR) in 2005, and in 2011 Governor Brian Schweitzer vetoed a legislature-passed bill that would have eliminated EDR. Last year, the legislature approved a legislatively-referred state statute for this year’s ballot to bring the read more

Online Voter Registration Live in Connecticut . February 25, 2014

As of last week, Connecticut’s online voter registration website is live. Online registration is just one of Connecticut’s election modernization efforts authorized by 2012 legislation. Election Day Registration was recently implemented in Connecticut’s 2013 municipal elections. Currently 19 states allow for full online registration and another 6 allow for limited online registration. Visit our 50 read more

Connecticut Debuts Election Day Registration . November 26, 2013

This month’s municipal elections in Connecticut marked the first time voters in the state could register on Election Day. In Connecticut, Election Day Registration is not available at polling places. Instead, each town has a designated Election Day Registration location. Secretary of State Denise Merrill estimates that between 1,500 and 2,000 people took advantage of Election read more

Election Day Registration Coming to Connecticut . May 9, 2012

Earlier this year, we tracked legislation in Connecticut that would allow for online registration (with a valid and current driver’s license) and Election Day Registration. As of last weekend, it appears that Connecticut will get both. The bill, passed by both the House and the Senate, goes to Governor Malloy who plans to sign it, read more

Connecticut Looks to Expand Registration Opportunities . January 18, 2012

On Monday, Connecticut Governor Malloy and Secretary of State Merrill held a press conference where they called for preserving and expanding access to voter registration. The governor is proposing legislation that would allow for online registration (with a valid and current driver’s license), Election Day Registration, and for absentee ballots to be governed by statute—giving read more

Connecticut Looks to Improve Elections . September 30, 2011

Last week we cheered California legislators who passed laws that will make it easier to register to vote. Now we want to shine a spotlight on the other coast. In Connecticut, Secretary of State Denise Merrill is looking to build support for election improvements that would incorporate technology and cut costs. She wants to create read more

Connecticut Seeks to Improve Elections . July 22, 2011

Great news: Connecticut is looking for ways to improve and update their election systems! Earlier this week, Secretary of State Denise Merrill convened an Election Performance Task Force to review Connecticut’s election system and recommend improvements. Members of the task force include Secretary Merrill and her deputy, town clerks, representatives from Common Cause, Demos and read more