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South Sudan to Become World’s Newest Nation . July 8, 2011

Tomorrow, South Sudan will officially become an independent nation, a day that also marks the expiration of the 2005 north-south peace deal. The UN is expected to convene next week to vote on (and most likely approve) South Sudan’s membership in the UN, making it the 193rd member country. Back in January, almost 99% of read more

Maryland City Considers Online Voting . May 31, 2011

Takoma Park, Maryland is considering allowing voters to cast their ballots online this November. But before anything is decided, a system test will be conducted on June 9 where voters will be asked to pick their favorite Beatle and their favorite poet. For voters who are stressed about this difficult decision, rest assured that refreshments read more

State Voter Information Pages: The Good, the Bad and the Outdated . May 24, 2011

We recently took stock of each state’s official voter information page in an effort to find out what states are doing to increase voter participation. While every state site offers some information to voters, there are huge disparities in the content and quality of that information. Some sites offer conveniences like online voter registration and read more

Rx Democracy! Weighs in on Florida Legislation . May 10, 2011

Dr. Rishi Manchanda, founder of our partner Rx Democracy! recently responded to proposed legislation in Florida (House Bill 1355–which has been passed–and Senate Bill 2086) and explained why all medical professionals should take note. In addition to making it more difficult for “college students, military personnel, low-income and minority voters and anyone who might change read more

America Goes to the Polls 2010 – Voter Turnout Report . April 13, 2011

Nonprofit VOTE is pleased to present the latest installment in our series of voter turnout reports: America Goes to the Polls 2010: A Report on Voter Turnout in the 2010 ElectionBeyond the official state-by-state turnout rankings, this report details key voting trends such as the wide gap in youth turnout, the rise in early voting, read more

Connecting to Elections and Campaigns . March 22, 2011

How do you like to read the news? Connect with friends? Engage campaigns? If you answered the internet, you’re not alone. Pew found that more than half of all American adults (54%) were “online political users” in 2010. These people looked online for news about politics and campaigns, watched videos, shared election content, and used read more

Nonprofit Election Survey Results . February 11, 2011

Nonprofit VOTE would like to thank the hundreds of local nonprofits and service providers that responded to our online survey about their 2010 voter engagement activities. The survey examined how nonprofit staff and stakeholders approached voter engagement work, which activities were most common, which materials were used most frequently, their value to the nonprofit, and read more