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New Report – Hispanic Voters (AEI-Brookings) . January 12, 2009

While African-American participation in the 2008 election may have reached record levels, other minority groups proved important in this cycle—and are likely to continue to do so in the future. In a new piece, the AEI-Brookings Election Reform Project assesses the influence of the Hispanic electorate, and explores the particular demands this population faces in read more

New Report – Voter ID (Pew Center for the States) .

The Pew Center offers a look at how states’ voters fared on Election Day with voter ID laws – including Georgia and Indiana, who in November required for the first time in a presidential contest that all voters must show a government-issued ID card with a photograph. Read more.

When 2nd is Not Enough .

See this Wisconsin editorial challenging state residents to carry their levels of engagement from November 4th on, right down to the local municipal elections. Wisconsin ranked 2nd in the nation for voter turnout.