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From the Founder: Voter Registration Moves Online . January 7, 2016

  Transactions of every kind are moving online and have been for a while. ATMs appeared in New York in 1969 and you could bank online by the 1980s.  It’s 2016 and in a world wired and wireless, voting and voter registration may be the last bastion ruled by pen and paper.  Some say it’s read more

From the Founder: Automatic Registration Moves Forward . November 5, 2015

Among the most foundational rights as a citizen is the right to vote. It’s also one of a citizen’s most important responsibilities along with serving on a jury when called and paying ones taxes. This right is compromised by an outdated, still largely paper registration system that differs in all 50 states. One in four read more

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Pennsylvania Latest State to Offer Online Voter Registration . August 31, 2015

Last week Pennsylvania became the latest state to implement online voter registration.  Twenty-eight states and the District of Columbia currently offer online registration or have enacted legislation to permit it. Online registration has seen incredible growth in recent years because it is convenient for voters, reduces data entry errors, and cuts election administration costs. Pennsylvania’s read more

Expanding Voting in 2014 . December 11, 2014

A number of structural trends have the potential to increase voting by making it more convenient for voters and expanding their options for when and where they can cast a ballot. In 2014, a number of states passed or implemented legislation that made voting easier. Online Voter Registration 48% of eligible voters now live in read more

31,000 Voters Register Online in Illinois . October 16, 2014

Yesterday, the Illinois State Board of Elections announced that 31,000 online voter registration applications were received by the regular registration deadline. Of those applications, more than one-third (11,071) were received in the final 2 days before the deadline. Online voter registration began on June 27, 2014. Although the regular registration period is closed in Illinois, read more

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States Tinker with Elections . August 26, 2014

In the constantly changing election landscape, many states are trying to find ways to improve the voter experience and increase turnout while saving money. In Arizona–which pioneered online registration back in 2002–an online voter registration costs just 3 cents, compared to 83 cents for a paper registration. In Washington state the cost of an online read more

Sweeping Election Modernization in Massachusetts . May 23, 2014

Yesterday, Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick signed a bill that allows for early voting, online voter registration, post-election audits of voting machines, and pre-registration for 16 and 17 year-olds. With these election updates, Massachusetts joins 23 other states that allow online voter registration, 32 that offer some form of early voting, and 14 that have pre-registration. read more

Online Voter Registration Live in Connecticut . February 25, 2014

As of last week, Connecticut’s online voter registration website is live. Online registration is just one of Connecticut’s election modernization efforts authorized by 2012 legislation. Election Day Registration was recently implemented in Connecticut’s 2013 municipal elections. Currently 19 states allow for full online registration and another 6 allow for limited online registration. Visit our 50 read more

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Montana Voters to Decide Future of EDR . February 19, 2014

Earlier this month, the Montana Supreme Court ruled that a legislative referendum to end Election Day voter registration can appear on the November 4, 2014 ballot. Called the Montana Late Voter Registration Revision Measure, LR-126, it seeks to eliminate Election Day Registration (EDR), instead closing voter registration on the Friday before Election Day. While the read more

Report and Recommendations from the Presidential Commission on Election Administration . February 7, 2014

Last month, the Presidential Commission on Election Administration released a report with recommendations to improve the voting experience. The report comes after a six month examination that included public hearings and consultations with state and local election officials, academic experts, and organizations and associations involved in voting or election administration. The Commission’s key recommendations call read more