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FairVote: If you proportionally allocate, they will come . September 1, 2009

From the FairVote blog: How Winner-Take-All Rules in Presidential Primaries Squash Turnout Average turnout of all eligible voters for 2008 Republican presidential primaries through February 5: 12.6%. After February 5, when John McCain effectively secured nomination: 8.4%. Average turnout for 2008 Democratic presidential primaries through February 5: 17.7%. After February 5: 23.6%. Share of popular read more

Instant Runoff Voting . February 6, 2009

A FairVote Innovative Analysis by Rob Richie and David Segal Facts in Focus: * Michael Steele was in second place when the Republican National Committee chair race was reduced to four candidates on January 30 but he picked up more than twice as many votes as his chief opponent from the supporters of the third read more

New Report: IRV in San Francisco, 2004-2006 . July 3, 2008

Francis Neely and Corey Cook examine San Francisco voters’ experience with instant runoff voting (IRV) from 2004-2006. Demographic influences on ranking the candidates – do certain demographic groups rank more candidates than others for example – are found to be very limited. Overall voters are found to have adapted relatively well to IRV. American Politics read more