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States Are Improving Elections in 2013 . June 18, 2013

This year has seen a number of new laws that will improve ballot access and streamline the election process for both voters and elections officials. Colorado recently passed the Voter Access and Modernized Elections Act that includes provisions for Election Day Registration and portable registration, in addition to creating a bipartisan task force to study read more

Election Day Registration is Popular in Wisconsin . December 17, 2012

In Wisconsin, one in eight ballots–almost a million votes in all–came from voters who registered on Election Day just before voting in three recent statewide elections–November 2008, November 2010, and the June 2012 gubernatorial recall. The popularity of the law in Wisconsin has remained relatively steady in general elections since 1984, ranging from a rate read more

The Benefits of Election Day Registration . May 15, 2012

With Connecticut joining the ranks of Election Day (or Same Day) Registration states, let’s review how expanded registration opportunities make it possible for more people to participate. In 2010 Same Day Registration allowed almost 640,000 Americans to register and vote in the November 2, 2010 election. Moreover, states that allow for Same Day Registration consistently read more