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Tuesday is Election Day . November 3, 2014

Elections are decided by turnout. In the next 36 hours, a personal reminder and help navigating the voting process from you and your nonprofit can make a difference. Answering one question can turn a non-voter into a voter. Share these four essential voting tools with your staff, partners, and the people you serve. 1. Find read more

Online Voter Registration Live in Connecticut . February 25, 2014

As of last week, Connecticut’s online voter registration website is live. Online registration is just one of Connecticut’s election modernization efforts authorized by 2012 legislation. Election Day Registration was recently implemented in Connecticut’s 2013 municipal elections. Currently 19 states allow for full online registration and another 6 allow for limited online registration. Visit our 50 read more

Nonprofit VOTE’s New Online Voter Engagement Resource Library . January 27, 2014

Earlier this month, Nonprofit VOTE debuted our new website. Featured on the site is the nation’s largest online library of voter engagement resources for nonprofits. The library contains over 200 guides, toolkits, factsheets, posters, training presentations, and information about nonprofits and elections. It includes the latest voter engagement resources from Nonprofit VOTE and its partners, read more