The year 2010 may be over, but the Census Bureau is still hard at work compiling data and reports for states and government offices. Nevertheless, they’re also looking forward to the next decennial challenge–the 2020 Census.

Although the 2010 Census was conducted using a 10-question paper form, this could likely change in 2020 as Census Director Robert Groves said, “We’ve committed to the 2020 Census having Internet options.” While embracing innovation, the Bureau is not committing to any particular technology yet, noting how quickly it can change. Still, iCensus2020 has already imagined what it could look like on today’s iPhone.

The Census Bureau has begun testing web-based questionnaires for the monthly American Community Survey. Moving online would not be groundbreaking, considering countries such as Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Norway, Singapore, and Brazil already collect census data online. (In fact, about 20 percent of respondents used the Internet in Canada’s last census.) But it is an important factor in counting more people and reaching them more effectively, all with the potential to save money in the process.

Learn more about what the Census has in store in Groves’ prepared statement for the Senate Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management, Government Information, Federal Services and International Security.

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