…and it doesn’t bring good news for New Orleans. Last week, the Census Bureau released new data showing that New Orleans experienced a population loss of 140,845 residents–a drop of 29% from 2000. In addition to losing New Orleans city residents, Louisiana also lost a congressional seat (down to six from seven).

Because of the exodus in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the percentage of black population fell to 60.2% from 67.3%. Jacques Morial, a community organizer, thinks that “The city is more affluent, more Latin and a little whiter than it was before Katrina.” Many poor residents have stayed away because fewer than a quarter of the city’s 4,200 public housing units demolished by the storm have been rebuilt. “The people who’ve had the hardest time getting back to New Orleans are those who had the fewest resources,” said Tom Piazza, author and city resident.

In addition to Louisiana, the Census Bureau also released data for Mississippi, New Jersey, and Virginia because their election cycles are among the earliest. Check out the latest Census widget below for more details.

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