Laws on the Ballot: How Nonprofits Can Take a Stand on Ballot Questions 
Thursday, July 28th at 2:00pm Eastern
Many states put laws and constitutional amendments on the ballot, asking voters to make critical public policy decisions at the polls. Often, nonprofits have a vested interest in the outcome of these questions because they directly affect our organizations and communities. Learn how your nonprofit can take action and benefit from engaging the public around ballot measures. We will address why your work on ballot measures is considered “lobbying,” rather than “electioneering” and what nonprofits can do in their advocacy efforts for or against ballot measures.

Featured Presenters: Abby Levine is the Legal Director for Advocacy Programs at the Alliance for Justice. Prior to joining the Alliance, she was a Public Policy Analyst at the National Council of Nonprofit Associations where she monitored and analyzed issues affecting the nonprofit sector–such as challenges to nonprofit tax exemptions and advocacy, state budget cuts, streamlining government grants, and corporate governance. Ben Dudley is the Executive Director of Engage Maine where he oversees the collaborative work of their partner organizations.  He has also represented part of the City of Portland for four terms in the Maine House of Representatives and has held positions with several Maine nonprofit organizations and political campaigns.



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