Making Voting Fun!

Getting out the vote is more than getting people registered! It’s about helping people get excited about exercising their American duty by casting a ballot. Here are some great resources and tools to help!

Name a better way to get people to vote than throwing a party, we’ll wait.  Can’t?  Then you may want to look into how #VoteTogether is making voting fun by hosting events that get out the vote! With their tool, you can host an event! Or, find one nearby!


Part of MTV’s long history of engaging young voters, +1theVote encourages a little healthy peer pressure by bringing a friend with you to the polls!  They tout the force that young voters will have in the midterm elections if they Get Out the Vote!


Lyft’s Ride to Vote works with nonprofits that support underserved communities to give them free rides to the polls on November 6! And for all voters and Lyft-ers, they offer up to 50% off rides on Election Day on Buzzfeeds Website.


Uber’s Drive the Vote Campaign offers $10 off rides to polls on Election Day!  The code will be made available to users on November 6 and can be used on the cheapest ride option in the app.  Check it out!


On Election Day, November 6, bike and scooter share company Lime is offering free rentals up to 30 minutes with the code LIME2VOTE218.  And, since most polling places are pretty close by, this year, you can just poll up in a scooter!