print_voted_01At Nonprofit VOTE we honor the hard-won victories of our predecessors by ensuring that as many Americans as possible cast a ballot on Election Day.

Fifty years ago a grassroots mobilization was underway that would lead to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, a landmark piece of legislation that dramatically expanded the right to vote in America. Although it would take months before Congress acted, President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law in August 1965.

While this is a monumental success that continues to warrant celebration, persistent gaps in voter participation remain. Today, young people, new citizens, and lower-income individuals vote at much lower rates than their counterparts. That’s because securing the right to vote is only the first step. We must also create and grow the social infrastructure and organizational tools to foster greater voter engagement.

This is where the work of Nonprofit VOTE comes in. By engaging nonprofits in voting and elections, we seek to close participation gaps and make a more robust democracy. Nonprofit VOTE does this by leveraging the broad reach of the nonprofit sector, providing online resources and webinars that help nonprofits integrate nonpartisan voter engagement into their day-to-day program work, cosponsoring events like National Voter Registration Day, documenting best practices, and more.

As celebrations of the Voting Rights Act’s 50th anniversary echo throughout 2015 let us honor those victories by turning voting rights into voting action. Join us.

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