We hosted two Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) oriented webinars in September and October. In September, we focused on GOTV techniques rooted in scientific research (sponsored by the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities), and this past Thursday we focused on how GOTV activities specifically look like in a nonprofit setting (sponsored by YWCA-USA). Thanks again to the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities and YWCA-USA! These generous sponsorships help keep our webinars FREE and accessible for all! To learn more, click here.

Below you will find links to the presentations, audio and video of the webinars:

October 13th Webinar: Youtube, PowerPoint, and Audio

September 22nd Webinar: Youtube (No PowerPoint available at request of Analyst Institute).

We’d also like to take a moment to thank our informative and engaging speakers: Gabriela Pacheco-Castillo of the Long Island Civic Engagement Table and Kathryn Poindexter of the Analyst Institute.

Thanks as well to our attendees who posed so many excellent questions!

Save the date for Tuesday, November 15th at 2pm ET for a post-election debrief webinar. Find out about key changes in the composition of the electorate, turnout and election and voting trends compared to the last presidential and midterm. Hear from experts at the US Elections Project (Dr. Michael McDonald), NALEO Education Fund (Dorian Caal) and CIRCLE-Civic Youth (Abby Kiesa). You can register here.

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