Webinar Rundown: Nonprofit Votes Count

Last Thursday we held a webinar on Nonprofit Votes Count, a campaign headed by Nonprofit VOTE, United Way Worldwide, Independent Sector, and National Council of Nonprofits that focuses on the capacity of the nonprofit sector to do voter engagement work! If you missed the webinar, you can now watch the recording on our YouTube channel and download both the PowerPoint presentation and audio MP3.

Thank you to everyone who attended, and thank you to those who asked questions and engaged with us on Twitter. We would also like to thank our esteemed group of featured speakers: David L. Thompson of National Council of Nonprofits, Diana Dunker of CalNonprofits, Steve Taylor of United Way Worldwide, and lastly, our very own Brian Miller. Thank you again for your participation!

Key Takeaways:

1) Nonprofits are pivotal to voter engagement work aka “voterizing”! 

2) Buy-in for voter engagement at your nonprofit starts with your staff and volunteers:


3) Voter engagement at your nonprofit must be woven into the fabric of your organizational culture. 

4)  Voter engagement is FUN.


  • Nonprofit Votes Count Voter Registration Toolkit: Includes –Sample Voter Registration Script and Common Responses, How To Do Voter Registration (English/Spanish), Tips for Asking Someone to Register to Vote, Reasons to Register to Vote, FAQs When Doing Voter Registration, etc.
  • Nonprofit Votes Count GOTV Toolkit: Includes -Guide on Encouraging Your Staff and Volunteers to Vote, templates for Email Reminders from the CEO or Executive Director and Sample Time Off to Vote Policies, What Nonprofit Staff Can Do in Elections, Reasons to Register and Vote, Seven Tips on Getting Out the Vote, etc.
  • Nonprofit Votes Count Swag: Posters, stickers, logos, etc

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