Webinar Rundown: Voter Registration at Community Health Centers

Last Thursday, Nonprofit VOTE held a webinar for community health centers interested in conducting voter registration in the lead up to the presidential election. We were fortunate to be joined by three excellent speakers on the topic: Andrea Abel of Texas Association of Community Health Centers, Allan Gamboa of the Association of Asian-Pacific Community Health Centers, and Ronnie Mouth of Lowell Community Health Center.

If you weren’t able to attend the webinar, you can watch the webinar now on our YouTube channel, and download the PowerPoint and audio MP3.

Many of the participants in Thursday’s webinar expressed interest in seeing a short guide to resources available for health centers planning voter engagement work. Below, I’ve put together some of the resources mentioned during the webinar and others that might be helpful.  The swag and pledge card samples were of particular interest. As always, our online voter registration library is the best place to go for a comprehensive list of resources.

Make the case for voter engagement at CHCs:

Guidelines for CHCs doing voter engagement work:

  • Nonprofits, Voting and Elections Online – This is our online guide to remaining nonpartisan while conducting voter outreach activities as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
  • What Nonprofit Staff Can Do – A factsheet on nonprofit staff political activities on and off the clock.
  • What Nonprofit Staff Can Say about the Election – A factsheet on what a nonprofit staff person can say about an election to a client or community member
  • HIPAA and Civic Engagement at CHCs – A factsheet about complying with HIPAA while doing voter engagement work
  • Bolder Advocacy – Bolder Advocacy is a program of the Alliance for Justice. They are a wonderful source of information on nonprofit voter engagement and lobbying. They’re team of attorneys have prepared dozens of factsheets on everything from responding to a candidate’s factually incorrect statement to preparing a candidate questionnaire.
  • 1-800-NPLOBBY – Bolder Advocacy’s hotline for nonprofits seeking legal advice about advocacy and civic engagement

Doing voter registration:

Understand voting and elections in your state:

Materials and swag:


Of course, that’s just the short version! You can find even more resources on our website in the resource library and on the Bolder Advocacy website.

Please help spread the word about the webinar recording and these resources on social media!

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