Thank you to everyone who participated in Wednesday’s webinar, Getting a Seat at the Table: What Nonprofits Should Know About Redistricting. A special thanks to our presenter Justin Levitt for lending us his expertise.

The PowerPoint is available for download along with the audio portion of the presentation in MP3 format. Alternatively, you can watch the presentation online.

If you have any questions please use the information below to contact our two presenters.

Justin Levitt

Associate Professor of Law
Loyola Law School
Phone: (213) 736-7417

Lindsey Hodel
Director of Training and Partnerships
Nonprofit VOTE
Phone: (303) 910-5700

Here are some of the redistricting resources we mentioned during the webinar:

For more suggestions, visit our redistricting page and stop by your state page for local resources.

Hope you can join us for an upcoming Nonprofit VOTE webinar!


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