Earlier this month, Susan Dreyfus, the president and CEO of the Alliance for Children and Families–one of Nonprofit VOTE’s national partners–blogged about the importance of voter engagement in the nonprofit community.

With November speeding toward us, she urged the sector to consider how it will help ensure that all Americans can exercise their right to vote. Dreyfus asked:

  • Will this sector provide opportunities for folks to register to vote?
  • Will we provide information on how to vote? 
  • Will we offer opportunities to learn about the issues and consider the positions of the various candidates?

For Nonprofit VOTE and for the Alliance, the answer is yes. What about your organization? Whether your nonprofit serves 10 families, houses 200 residents, or feeds 5,000 people, you can improve the lives of your clients and constituents by encouraging them to be active in the democratic process.

Our role is not to influence how people vote, but simply to ensure that they do. “Who better than the nonprofit human services sector to embrace participation in the democratic process as a part of how we achieve our missions?”

Up for the challenge? Voterize your nonprofit and get started today!

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