February 19 Webinar: Make a Voter Engagement Plan . January 23, 2015

Have you thought about your plans for 2015? Join Nonprofit VOTE for our upcoming webinar: Plan Ahead 2015: Build a Voter Engagement Timeline for Your Nonprofit Thursday, February 19th at 2:00pm Eastern Voter engagement takes planning. Now is the time to start thinking about your nonprofit’s plan for registering, educating, and engaging voters in 2015 read more

The Benefits of Voting for Voters . January 22, 2015

Nonprofit voter engagement is good for organizations, but did you know that it’s also good for the people you serve? Voting is connected with a host of positive benefits for the individual voter. Compared to non-voters, voters are more likely to volunteer, contact their elected officials, and stay informed about local affairs. Voting is associated read more

Oregon SOS to Push for Universal Voter Registration . January 21, 2015

Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown is proposing a bill that would add an estimated 300,000 voters to the state’s registry and eventually create one of the most complete voter rolls in the country. Under the law, eligible voters would be registered automatically by the state using records the DMV has on file. There would read more

MLK Vote

MLK: “Give Us the Ballot” . January 19, 2015

On May 17, 1957 in Washington, DC, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “Give Us the Ballot” address. It was three years after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down “separate but equal” in their Brown v. Board of Education decision and eight years before the Voting Rights Act would become law in 1965. “And so read more

A New Year Brings New Leadership . January 14, 2015

Last month, I took the helm as the new executive director of Nonprofit VOTE, following founder George Pillsbury who is staying on as a senior consultant. I am thrilled about this exciting opportunity and I look forward to applying my 20 years of experience in the field to the important work of Nonprofit VOTE. Nonprofits read more

2015 Webinar Series Preview . January 12, 2015

A New Year and new elections can only mean one thing–the return of Nonprofit VOTE’s webinar series! In 2015 we will cover a variety of nonprofit voter engagement topics, including: Nonpartisan Guidelines for 501(c)(3) Nonprofits, Voter Registration, Voter Turnout in the 2014 Midterm Election, Candidate Engagement, Ballot Measure Advocacy, National Voter Registration Day, and more! read more

Make Your 2015 Voter Engagement Plan . January 9, 2015

The 2016 presidential election will garner major media attention this year as candidates seek to position themselves ahead of the primary elections that kick off next January. This attention overshadows the many important elections happening around the country in 2015 including mayoral and gubernatorial races. If your community doesn’t have an election this year are read more

New Secretaries of State Consider Election Changes . January 8, 2015

Last year, 24 states elected their top elections official. Swearing ins have begun in earnest, and many new secretaries of state have already outlined their plans for improving elections. In California, Secretary Alex Padilla is asking for input on how to #BoostTheVote and increase voter participation, noting that “the best ideas often come from citizens read more

Be a Voter

2015 New Year’s Resolution: Be a Voter . January 2, 2015

Voting is a habit. But so is sitting out an election. Make 2015 the year that you pledge to be a voter. Let this year be the start of many years of voting to come. Although many states don’t have high profile races this year, that doesn’t mean there aren’t elections that matter. Local issues read more

Preferred Methods of Voting: Survey Says… . December 29, 2014

The results of a recent survey published in Forbes of voters in Utah found that 21% of the Utah voting population prefers to vote by mail. This year, ten counties in Utah offered voters the chance to cast a ballot by mail. Two years ago in 2012, only one county used vote-by mail. Oregon was read more

Illinois to Permanently Offer Election Day Registration . December 22, 2014

This summer Illinois instituted a number of election law changes, but just for the November 4, 2014 election. The legislation: Expanded the number of days and extended the hours for early voting; Removed the requirement that people voting early show a photo ID; Allowed students attending Illinois public universities to shift their residences from their read more

Maryland to Update Voting System . December 19, 2014

Funding election infrastructure is a popular theme this week. On Monday, Virginia Governor McAuliffe announced a plan to spend $28 million to upgrade voting machines and technology. Yesterday, the Maryland Board of Public Works approved a $28 million contract to replace the state’s current touch-screen voting system with machines that scan paper ballots, which voters read more

Nonprofit VOTE Names Brian Miller as New Executive Director . December 18, 2014

We are pleased to announce Brian Miller as Nonprofit VOTE’s new Executive Director. Brian succeeds founder and previous Executive Director, George Pillsbury, who has transitioned into a senior consultant role. A seasoned nonprofit leader, Brian has two decades of executive director experience and a strong background and track record in program management, organizational leadership, and read more

Virginia Seeks to Update Voting Technology . December 15, 2014

Today, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe proposed a one-time investment of $28 million to change and upgrade voting machines, electronic poll books, and the state elections website. Voting machines, electronic poll books, and @vaELECT website to be replaced and upgraded. @GovernorVA #VAvotingInitiative — VA Dept of Elections (@vaELECT) December 15, 2014 In his proposal the state read more

Vote Nov. 4 Button

Nonprofit VOTE Highlights from 2014 . December 12, 2014

Much has been written about turnout in this year’s election: it was the lowest in 72 years at 37%, but still typical for a midterm. Less known is that voters served by nonprofits–youth and voters of color–increased their share of the electorate compared to the 2010 midterm. This trend will continue in election cycles to read more

Expanding Voting in 2014 . December 11, 2014

A number of structural trends have the potential to increase voting by making it more convenient for voters and expanding their options for when and where they can cast a ballot. In 2014, a number of states passed or implemented legislation that made voting easier. Online Voter Registration 48% of eligible voters now live in read more

12 Days of Voter Engagement Resources . December 8, 2014

To wrap up 2014, Nonprofit VOTE is celebrating with 12 Days of Voter Engagement Resources! This series will highlight our top voter engagement resources for nonprofits. We hope it will both inspire you and help you prepare as your organization plans for 2015 and beyond. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook as read more

Bright Lines in the New Year . December 4, 2014

Last November the IRS issued a proposal regarding changes to the political activities of 501(c)(4) nonprofit organizations. The initial proposal was ultimately withdrawn this year after receiving more than 160,000 public comments, including input from Nonprofit VOTE and its partners. Nonprofit VOTE’s comments made Adler & Colvin’s List of Top 25 Comments. Nonprofit VOTE was concerned read more

2014 Midterm Demonstrates Why Nonprofits Matter to Elections . December 1, 2014

In 2014, more than half of voters reported that they were not contacted by a party or a campaign. Nonprofits have an important role to play in increasing turnout because we have relationships with many of the individuals that will not otherwise be contacted about voting. Moreover, past research show that nonprofits are effective at read more

After the Election: Engage with Elected Officials . November 19, 2014

The 2014 midterm is over. Nonprofits are done until the next election, right? Not even close. While one of the main goals of nonprofit voter engagement is community empowerment and helping people vote, it’s not the only priority. Nonprofit voter engagement benefits both nonprofits and the people we serve. (For specifics, see our Benefits of read more

Outreach to “Unlikely” Voters Creates Voters . November 17, 2014

Thad Kousser, a professor of political science at UC San Diego, recently wrote in the The Los Angeles Times about low voter turnout in California. In the June 2014 primary, only a quarter of registered voters cast a ballot, the lowest turnout rate ever in a California primary. In addition to the general turnout problem, read more

The Latino Electorate and the 2014 Midterm . November 14, 2014

On Wednesday, Nonprofit VOTE hosted a webinar debrief on 2014 voter turnout. For a more in-depth look at Latino turnout we wanted to share data from the experts at Latino Decisions and their 2014 Election Eve Poll, which summarizes data from interviews with 4,200 Latino voters in 10 states contacted between October 29 and November read more

2014 Voter Turnout: Debrief Materials . November 13, 2014

Yesterday’s webinar, Who Turned Out in the 2014 Midterm Election: A Post-Election Debrief, is now available. Many thanks to Abby Kiesa of CIRCLE and George Pillsbury of Nonprofit VOTE for presenting. Watch the presentation on YouTube. If you subscribe to our channel, you’ll be notified whenever new content is posted. You can also download the read more

The Social (Media) Aspect of Voting . November 12, 2014

This year, 6,931,105 people shared on Facebook that they were voting. Facebook created a real-time map showing where users were clicking the “I’m A Voter” button and The Washington Post turned it into an animated GIF. The button was quite popular–at one point users were clicking it at a rate of 358,000 per hour. Official read more

Honoring Veterans by Voting . November 11, 2014

Today is Veterans Day, a day to honor America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. According to the U.S. Census, 14.7 million veterans voted in the 2012 presidential election; 70% of veterans cast a ballot in that election, compared with 61.8% of all eligible read more

Nonprofit Voter Engagement: North Carolina Leads by Example . November 10, 2014

Last month the Citizen-Times covered Asheville area nonprofits and their get-out-the-vote efforts. The article highlighted: Children First / Communities In Schools printed 40,000 copies of its 2014 Buncombe County Voter Guide. The guide covered candidates’ views on child poverty, education, health, social services to low-income families, affordable housing and living wage requirements. “It’s really issue-focused read more

Post-Election Wake-Up Call . November 7, 2014

The following was written by Sean Thomas-Breitfeld, Co-Director of the Building Movement Project, and originally appeared on their blog. Reprinted here with permission. In the wake of Tuesday’s elections, I was left wondering how many nonprofits had registered and turned out voters. This year’s midterms will probably be remembered for the apparent contradiction of progressive read more

Who Turned Out in the 2014 Midterm Election: A Post-Election Debrief .

Do you have questions about the 2014 midterm, such as… Which state displaced Texas for lowest voter turnout? Which states had the highest turnout? (It wasn’t Minnesota for a change.) Compared to the presidential electorate, how much older was the midterm electorate? Compared to 2010, which demographics increased their share of the vote? (You’ll be read more

Nonprofits and Nonvoters . November 3, 2014

Read on to learn about nonvoters and how nonprofits can successfully turn them into voters! [View the story “Nonprofits and Nonvoters” on Storify]

Tuesday is Election Day .

Elections are decided by turnout. In the next 36 hours, a personal reminder and help navigating the voting process from you and your nonprofit can make a difference. Answering one question can turn a non-voter into a voter. Share these four essential voting tools with your staff, partners, and the people you serve. 1. Find read more

Get to the Polls – Poll Finder . October 30, 2014

Pew’s Voting Information Project has collaborated with Google and the Internet Association to create www.gettothepolls.com, a new tool which allows voters to find their polling place and full ballot summary based on their address. Get to the Polls is powered by the Google Civic Information application programming interface and uses official data from state election read more

Countdown to Election Day: 2014 Election Day Toolbox . October 29, 2014

Be prepared to assist and encourage voters next Tuesday, November 4th. Voters are more likely to participate if they believe turnout will be high, and your reminders can convince people to head to the polls. Send a communication to your audience promoting the voting tools below. Make the election visible. Advertise polling hours prominently on read more

Do’s & Don’ts: Public Charities in an Election Year . October 28, 2014

Nonprofit VOTE helps 501(c)(3) nonprofits incorporate nonpartisan election activities into their services and activities. There is a wide variety of permissible activities nonprofits can do and we offer a range of resources to help your organization, whether you’re getting started for the first time or want to try out more complex candidate engagement work. But read more

Voters to Decide on Election Changes .

This year, voters in a number of states will make decisions on how to conduct elections. Montana adopted Election Day Registration (EDR) in 2005, and in 2011 Governor Brian Schweitzer vetoed a legislature-passed bill that would have eliminated EDR. Last year, the legislature approved a legislatively-referred state statute for this year’s ballot to bring the read more

Seven Principles for Getting Out the Vote . October 27, 2014

November 4th is almost here! Over the next week, your discussions with clients and constituents about voting are critical. Use these tested strategies to make your get-out-the-vote efforts as effective as possible. Make it Personal Voter mobilization research shows that people are more likely to participate when contacted personally by someone they know. Voters respond read more

Get Your “I Voted” Sticker .

Next week–Tuesday November 4th–is your chance to snag an “I Voted” sticker. Depending on your state, you may have already cast your ballot either in-person or by mail. One downside to voting absentee by mail is that you typically don’t get an “I Voted” sticker. Never fear! Back in 2012, Slate considered this problem and read more

2014 State Voter Hotlines . October 24, 2014

The National Association of Secretaries of State has compiled a list of state-specific helplines and toll-free numbers for the 2014 midterm election. These voter hotlines are available in addition to the national resources 866-OUR-VOTE and 888-VE-Y-VOTA.   State Voter Hotline Alabama  1-800-274-VOTE (8683) Alaska  1-866-952-VOTE (8683) Arizona  1-877-THE-VOTE (8683) Arkansas  1-800-482-1127 California  1-800-345-VOTE (8683) Colorado read more

What Nonprofit Staff Can Do . October 21, 2014

Nonprofit staff members often have questions about their personal involvement in political campaigns or work with candidates. Outside of work, nonprofit employees are free to volunteer for candidate campaigns or engage in other partisan political activities. However, it is important to make clear distinctions between personal and professional efforts, as all voter engagement activities on read more

Countdown to Election Day: Ballot Measures .

On November 4th voters will decide the fate of 146 statewide ballot measures in 42 states. While nonprofits cannot endorse or oppose candidates for office, they can engage their communities around ballot measures. Your efforts for or against a ballot measure are considered lobbying not electioneering. Therefore, your nonprofit can: Take a stand on a read more

Tips for Successfully Casting a Vote-by-Mail Ballot . October 17, 2014

Early voting is on the rise as voters take advantage of increased flexibility about how and when to cast their ballot. As a result, many voters are receiving and returning their ballot by mail–potentially as many as one in five voters this year. However, in 2012 more than a quarter of a million absentee ballots read more

Ohio Proposes Bill for “Voter Registration Awareness Day” . October 16, 2014

On Tuesday, Ohio State Senator Frank LaRose introduced legislation (SB 370) to designate the fourth Tuesday of September as “Voter Registration Awareness Day.” In an interview, LaRose said he got the idea from a group of black religious leaders from Cleveland and noted that a number of civic groups already recognize the fourth Tuesday of read more

Countdown to Election Day: Promote Early Voting .

The 2014 election is underway! As of October 15, 800,839 ballots have been cast in reporting jurisdictions. (Ballot count updated daily.) In 2010 over 19 million ballots were cast before Election Day. There are two ways to cast a ballot before Election Day: 1) by mail, or 2) in-person during a designated period prior to read more

31,000 Voters Register Online in Illinois .

Yesterday, the Illinois State Board of Elections announced that 31,000 online voter registration applications were received by the regular registration deadline. Of those applications, more than one-third (11,071) were received in the final 2 days before the deadline. Online voter registration began on June 27, 2014. Although the regular registration period is closed in Illinois, read more

Order Your Absentee Ballot . October 14, 2014

In most states, voters have options for casting a ballot before Election Day. (See the Early Voting Information Calendar for details.) Voting early by mail is a popular choice, and three states–Colorado, Oregon, and Washington–conduct their elections exclusively by mail. To encourage early voting, Long Distance Voter has developed a new online tool to help read more

Countdown to Election Day: Engage Candidates . October 13, 2014

There is still time to engage candidates! One way to draw attention to the election is by engaging candidates. Our partners in Arizona, Massachusetts, and North Carolina have hosted forums and collected questionnaires. These events have attracted hundreds of attendees and have garnered responses from a wide range of candidates. Engaging candidates on a nonpartisan read more

Webinar Materials: Nonprofits Get Out the Vote . October 10, 2014

Yesterday’s webinar, Nonprofits Get Out the Vote, is now available. Many thanks to Abby Kiesa of CIRCLE for presenting. Watch the presentation on YouTube. If you subscribe to our channel, you’ll be notified whenever new content is posted. You can also download the PowerPoint presentation and the audio portion of the presentation. Below are some read more

Nonprofits Engage Candidates, Raise Profile . October 8, 2014

Nonprofits are bringing a spotlight to our sector’s issues this year and they’re doing it by engaging candidates. Engaging candidates on a nonpartisan basis shows future elected officials that our nonprofits are paying attention and that our communities vote. The Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers hosted a gubernatorial forum on September 24 focused on read more

October 9th Webinar: Nonprofits Get Out the Vote . October 2, 2014

Election Day is less than five weeks away. Find out what your nonprofit can do to encourage voting and help get your community to the polls! Nonprofits Get Out the Vote Thursday October 9th at 2:00pm ET On November 4th, voters will decide on all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, 36 Senate seats, read more

Voting in the 2014 Midterm is Underway . October 1, 2014

This year, Election Day will start well before November 4th. For many years, early voting has been on the rise. In 2010, an estimated 27-29% of voters cast ballots early, much higher than previous midterms. In the 2012 presidential election, 35% of ballots cast were cast early. States currently offer three ways for voters to read more

Secretaries of State #CelebrateNVRD in 2014 . September 30, 2014

In 2014, 33 Secretaries of State (or their relevant counterparts) promoted voter registration by endorsing National Voter Registration Day and National Voter Registration Month. See the full story below or open it in a new tab. [View the story “Secretaries of State #CelebrateNVRD in 2014” on Storify]

Register to Vote

Voter Registration Deadlines Near . September 29, 2014

Last Tuesday we celebrated the third annual National Voter Registration Day. National Voter Registration day is held on the fourth Tuesday of September because it falls right before the start of state voter registration deadlines. In every state except North Dakota, you must be registered in order to vote. Four states have voter registration deadlines read more

Today is National Voter Registration Day . September 23, 2014

It’s finally here. Today is National Voter Registration Day! First things first. Are you registered? If yes, then great! If you’re not sure, check your registration. Have you moved recently? It’s an important question, because one in four voters wrongly believe that their registration is automatically updated when then change their address with the U.S. read more

Webinar Materials: Expanding the Right to Vote . September 19, 2014

Yesterday’s webinar, Expanding the Right to Vote in 2014, is now available. Many thanks to Jonathan Brater of the Brennan Center for presenting. Watch the presentation on YouTube. If you subscribe to our channel, you’ll be notified whenever new content is posted. You can also download a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation and the audio read more

We're a nonprofit and we support voting

NVRD Messaging for Nonprofits .

Over 2,000 partners have signed on to participate in National Voter Registration Day. Many are nonprofit service providers, whose approach to voter engagement and messaging around registration often differs from other organizations. Nonprofit VOTE has developed a few communications samples to help nonprofits talk about their participation in this exciting event. Social Media Samples We’re read more

The Final Count: 2014 Ballot Measures . September 11, 2014

Thanks to Ballotpedia we have the final count for statewide ballot measures this year–148. Just 35–a near record low–of these ballot measures are citizen-proposed. The last time the total number of statewide measures fell below 150 was 1986. In 2012, voters saw 188 statewide ballot questions. 136 of this year’s statewide ballot measures will appear read more

September is National Voter Registration Month . September 9, 2014

NASS President and Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown shows her support for voting. You already know that Tuesday, September 23rd is National Voter Registration Day, but did you know that September is National Voter Registration Month? The National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) established September as National Voter Registration Month back in 2002 read more

Countdown to National Voter Registration Day . September 8, 2014

National Voter Registration Day is almost here! On September 23rd register and prepare your staff, constituents, and community to vote. Help register a quarter of a million new voters in a single day. Over 1,700 organizations are already signed on, and you can still join. There are two key communication dates this month: Two Weeks read more

Voter Registration Training Video

New Voter Registration Training Video . September 4, 2014

Nonprofit VOTE is pleased to share our latest voter registration resource for nonprofits. This new video walks you through the process of asking a potential voter to register, as well as how to fill out a registration form. It features two scenarios, one for registering a new voter and another for updating an address. Offering read more

September 18th Webinar: Expanding the Right to Vote . September 3, 2014

Voting laws are constantly changing. Stay up to date with what’s happening and how you can help your community vote. Expanding the Right to Vote in 2014 Thursday September 18th at 2:00pm ET 2014 has seen a range of new developments in voting and elections. Join us for an overview of recent trends in voting read more

Register to Vote

States Tinker with Elections . August 26, 2014

In the constantly changing election landscape, many states are trying to find ways to improve the voter experience and increase turnout while saving money. In Arizona–which pioneered online registration back in 2002–an online voter registration costs just 3 cents, compared to 83 cents for a paper registration. In Washington state the cost of an online read more

Webinar Materials: Voter Registration at Your Nonprofit . August 22, 2014

Yesterday’s webinar, Voter Registration at Your Nonprofit, is now available. Many thanks to Rebecca Gorrell of the Colorado Participation Project for presenting. Watch the presentation on YouTube. If you subscribe to our channel, you’ll be notified whenever new content is posted. You can also download a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation and the audio portion read more

The Important Role of Nonprofits .

A 2006 survey by the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation asked respondents “who/what influences whether or not you will vote?” and the top answers included: Family: 38% Community Organizations: 35% Media Ad: 10% No Response: 9% Friends: 8% The high level of respect for community organizations showed in this poll reinforces the role that read more

CIRCLE Factsheet: Youth Midterm Registration . August 20, 2014

Earlier this summer, CIRCLE released a new factsheet on Voter Registration among Young People in Midterm Elections, summarizing historical trends and analysis about why and how young people (ages 18-29) register to vote, and why they do not. Similar to older age groups, youth voter turnout and registration rates during midterm years are far lower read more

Nonprofits Get Out the Vote: The Power and Benefits of Being a Voter . August 19, 2014

The following originally appeared as part of the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network‘s Nonprofit411 series. On November 4th, 36 senators, 36 governors, and all 435 members of the House of Representatives will be up for election. Here in Massachusetts, every statewide office, the state legislature, four (contentious) ballot questions, and numerous local races will be on the read more

Making Voter Registration Visible . August 18, 2014

November 4th is less than 3 months away. August and September are important times to focus on voter registration ahead of many state deadlines. One easy way encourage voter registration is to take advantage of Nonprofit VOTE’s voter registration tool. Install it as a button on your website or link to the tool directly. The read more

Cash Prizes to Increase Voter Turnout? . August 15, 2014

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Ethics Commission voted to recommend that the City Council look at using cash prizes to lure a greater number of people to the polls. In an unanimous vote the panel said it wanted City Council President Herb Wesson’s Rules, Elections and Intergovernmental Relations Committee to seriously consider the use of financial read more

November 4th Store . August 14, 2014

Visibility is key to voter engagement efforts. Promoting the election and offering reminders can help increase the likelihood that voters will register and turn out on Election Day. “Vote November 4” buttons, stickers, and posters are available in our online store to help with your 2014 voter engagement efforts. All items are offered at cost read more

August 21st Webinar: Nonprofit Voter Registration . August 12, 2014

Want to register voters in your community but aren’t sure about the rules or what tactics to use? Join our upcoming webinar: Voter Registration at Your Nonprofit Thursday August 21st at 2:00pm ET Voter registration is a foundational voter engagement activity. Learn how your nonprofit can integrate voter registration into the work you already do. read more

Webinar Materials: Celebrate National Voter Registration Day . August 11, 2014

Last week’s webinar, Celebrate National Voter Registration Day, is now available. Many thanks to Jimmy A. Hernández of Voto Latino and Maggie Duncan of the League of Women Voters of the US for joining us to talk about this exciting holiday for democracy. Watch the presentation on YouTube. If you subscribe to our channel, you’ll read more

National Voter Registration Day Surpasses 1,000 Partners! . August 8, 2014

As of yesterday, more than 1,000 partners have signed on to host voter registration events across the country on National Voter Registration Day, which  falls on Tuesday, September 23rd. National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) is the largest single-day effort of the year to register voters and involve them in the American political process. Now in read more

Secretaries of State Endorse NVRD through 2019 . August 7, 2014

At their summer meeting, the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) unanimously passed a 5 year resolution – the longest their bylaws allow – in support of National Voter Registration Day (NVRD). In its first two years, more than 1,000 organizations and 10,000 volunteers registered more than 357,000 people to vote on NVRD. NASS read more

Kansas Registration Law to Bar Thousands from Voting . August 5, 2014

Kansas voters are headed to the polls today, but thousands of people who registered to vote will be unable to participate because of a proof-of-citizenship law. The federal registration form requires that a person attest to being a U.S. citizen under penalty of perjury, but does not require accompanying documentation. However, Kansas’ proof-of-citizenship law requires read more

August 7th Webinar: Celebrate NVRD . July 28, 2014

Want to participate in National Voter Registration Day but aren’t sure where to start? Join our upcoming webinar: Celebrate National Voter Registration Day Thursday August 7th at 2:00pm Eastern On September 23, 2014, volunteers and organizations from all over the country will celebrate the third annual National Voter Registration Day. In its first two years, read more

Webinar Materials: Ballot Measure Advocacy . July 25, 2014

Yesterday’s webinar, Laws on the Ballot: Ballot Measure Advocacy for Nonprofits, is now available. Many thanks to Abby Levine of Bolder Advocacy for joining us. Watch the presentation on YouTube. If you subscribe to our channel, you’ll be notified whenever new content is posted. You can also download the PowerPoint presentation and the audio portion read more

The 2014 Midterm and Your Nonprofit: Making it Count . July 21, 2014

The following appeared in the Summer 2014 issue of Nonprofit Advantage, produced by the Connecticut Association of Nonprofits. This fall, 33 Senators, 36 Governors and all 435 members of the House of Representatives will be on ballots across the country. Already, 47 ballot questions are certified for spots on nineteen statewide ballots. There are lots read more

The Benefits of Voting . July 18, 2014

Voter engagement is a critical part of nonprofit work because it not only empowers the people and the communities we serve, but it also helps us further our missions. Voter engagement makes us relevant both during and after elections, helping to make us part of critical public policy discussions and allowing us to weigh in read more

National Voter Registration Day is Coming! . July 17, 2014

The 3rd annual National Voter Registration Day is September 23rd! Plan now to join in this national celebration of democracy. Sign on as a partner before July 31st and you’ll receive your organizer’s toolkit and NVRD posters in August. In its first two years, more than 1,000 groups and 10,000 volunteers registered over 360,000 people read more

July 24th Webinar: Ballot Measure Advocacy . July 16, 2014

Learn what your nonprofit can do to take a position for or against a ballot measure – or provide neutral information on both sides. Laws on the Ballot: Ballot Measure Advocacy for Nonprofits Thursday July 24th at 2:00pm Eastern Nonprofits cannot support or oppose candidates, but they can take a stand on ballot measures. Ballot read more

Why Voter Registration Matters . July 7, 2014

In every state except North Dakota, you must first register before being able to vote. Thus, voter registration is critical to the voter engagement efforts of nonprofits. While some states allow same-day registration (the ability to register or update your registration information and then cast a ballot), most have advance registration deadlines that are sometimes read more

Why Don’t Registered Voters Vote? . July 2, 2014

Through their Current Population Survey (Voting and Registration), the Census Bureau surveyed Americans who were registered but did not vote in the 2012 presidential election. The top reasons for not voting were: Too busy, conflicting work or school schedules: 20 percent Not interested, felt like my vote wouldn’t make a difference: 16 percent Illness or read more

Webinar Materials: Candidate Engagement . July 1, 2014

Last week’s webinar, Candidate Engagement: Forums, Appearances, and More, is now available. Many thanks to Cheryl Clyburn Crawford of MassVOTE for joining us. Watch the presentation on YouTube. If you subscribe to our channel, you’ll be notified whenever new content is posted. You can also download the PowerPoint presentation and the audio portion of the read more

100th Anniversary of the First Direct Elections to the Senate .

This November’s midterm election coincides with another special occasion: November 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the first nationwide popular election of U.S. Senators. (Maryland and Alabama each held a special election prior to November 1914.) Before the ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, U.S. Senators were selected by state legislatures. read more


Commission on Political Reform Releases Recommendations . June 30, 2014

In 2013, the Bipartisan Policy Center created a Commission on Political Reform to investigate the causes and consequences of America’s partisan political divide and to advocate for specific reforms to improve the political process. Their new report, Governing in a Polarized America: A Bipartisan Blueprint to Strengthen our Democracy, identifies reforms in three specific areas: read more

Voting and Health: 5 Reasons It’s Good For You . June 27, 2014

Voting not only helps advance the work of your nonprofit, but it can also benefit the individuals you serve. Interested in new ways of talking to your community about voting? Consider sharing our latest resource that highlights the health benefits of voting. Voting & Health: 5 Reasons It’s Good For You: It Strengthens Social Ties. read more

NCSL Launches Elections Administration Research Database . June 26, 2014

This week, the National Conference of State Legislatures launched their Elections Administration Research Database. The database houses more than 1,900 reports dating back to 2000 that address a wide range of elections topics including election costs, voter ID, and online voter registration. The reports reflect a variety of perspectives, ranging from election administrators to nonprofit read more

Factsheet Series Updated for 2014 . June 25, 2014

Nonprofit VOTE has update our factsheet series for 2014! Get the latest on candidate appearances, ballot measures, what staff can do, and more. In addition to our general factsheet series, we’ll also be releasing a new series in July on the Benefits of Voting. However, the first installment, Voting and Health: 5 Reasons It’s Good read more

IRS to Readress Nonprofits and Political Activity . June 24, 2014

Last November the IRS issued a proposal regarding changes to the political activities of 501(c)(4) nonprofit organizations. The initial proposal was ultimately withdrawn this year after receiving more than 150,000 public comments, including input from Nonprofit VOTE and its partners. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen noted that “There are three issues: What should be the definition, read more

Engaging Candidates in 2014 . June 23, 2014

In November 35 Senate seats and all 435 seats in the House of Representatives are up for election in addition to state legislatures, governors, statewide offices, and more. Elections are a great way to connect with current and future elected officials. While they’re running, use the opportunity to get your issues in front of candidates, read more

PTA – A New National Partner . June 18, 2014

One of Nonprofit VOTE’s newest partners, the National PTA, is already maximizing their work. The National PTA’s purpose is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. To facilitate this, the PTA identified and cobranded the Nonprofit VOTE resources they found most useful for read more

How to Approach “The Great Unengaged” . June 11, 2014

Of the 23.3 million voting-eligible Latino adult U.S. citizens, only an estimated 13.7 million are registered to vote. To better understand the nearly 10 million unregistered potential Latino voters, NALEO Educational Fund engaged the research firm Latino Decisions to conduct a national survey and series of focus groups to uncover the reasons that voting-eligible, unregistered, read more

June 26th Webinar: Candidate Engagement . June 10, 2014

Your nonprofit cannot support or oppose candidates but that doesn’t mean you can’t engage them. Learn more: Candidate Engagement: Forums, Appearances, and More Thursday June 26th at 2:00pm Eastern Candidate engagement is an effective way your nonprofit can advocate for your community and build relationships with future elected officials. Learn about candidate forums, candidate appearances, read more

A Civic Model for Voter Mobilization in South Texas . June 3, 2014

For more than 50 years, the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas has had some of the lowest voter turnout in the country. Traditional political campaigns have not substantially changed these voter turnout rates: even in presidential election only two of ten eligible voters participate. A different approach to voter engagement is called for and read more

Hawaii Adopts Election Day Registration . June 2, 2014

Hawaii looks to be the latest state to permit Election Day Registration. On April 29, the Hawaii legislature passed HB 2590, which has been transmitted to Governor Abercrombie for his signature. If implemented, Election Day Registration at precincts will not be available until 2018. However, for the 2016 election individuals will be able to register read more

CIRCLE Launches Youth Voting Map . May 30, 2014

This week, CIRCLE launched a new interactive state-by-state map featuring youth voter turnout, voter registration, and youth demographic information. The map includes historical trends and state-level data on voter turnout and registration rates in midterm and presidential elections for citizens aged 18-29, and for those 30 and older. The map also allows users to create read more

Sweeping Election Modernization in Massachusetts . May 23, 2014

Yesterday, Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick signed a bill that allows for early voting, online voter registration, post-election audits of voting machines, and pre-registration for 16 and 17 year-olds. With these election updates, Massachusetts joins 23 other states that allow online voter registration, 32 that offer some form of early voting, and 14 that have pre-registration. read more

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Get a Voter Registration Tool for Your Website . May 19, 2014

Don’t wait. The election is only six months away. Nonprofit VOTE is making it easy for you to help ensure your community can participate. Our new voter registration tool makes registering or updating your registration fast and easy. Developed by Rock the Vote and improved over several election cycles, it is state-specific and uses simple read more

Webinar Materials: Voter Registration . May 16, 2014

Yesterday’s webinar, Voter Registration at Your Nonprofit, is now available. Many thanks to Jeff Narabrook from the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State for joining us. Watch the presentation on YouTube. If you subscribe to our channel, you’ll be notified whenever new content is posted. You can also download the PowerPoint presentation and the read more

Nonprofit VOTE’s IRS Comments Make Top 25 List . May 1, 2014

Earlier this year, Nonprofit VOTE submitted comments to the IRS regarding proposed changes to the political activities of 501(c)(4) organizations. This month, Adler & Colvin began publishing a list of the Top 25 Comments on the IRS Proposed Political Activity Rules. Nonprofit VOTE was number 18, along with Project VOTE and Rock the Vote. IRS Commissioner read more

New York Joins National Popular Vote Movement . April 30, 2014

Earlier this month, New York Governor Cuomo signed a bill adding the state to the National Popular Vote Compact. New York’s 29 electoral votes bring the total to 165, 61% of the 270 that are needed to guarantee a majority in the Electoral College. Supporters of National Popular Vote see it as a remedy to read more