Ahead of this year’s upcoming elections, the 2024 Nonprofit Power report shines a light on the pivotal role that trusted local nonprofits play in building a more inclusive democracy through nonpartisan voter engagement in historically underrepresented communities throughout the United States.

Drawn from our work with 120 nonprofits across 9 states who engaged over 60,000 voters, the report reveals that voters engaged by nonprofits saw a 10 percentage point boost in voter turnout compared to their counterparts in the same communities. And that effect is further amplified in historically marginalized groups, with young voters, low-income voters, and people of color experiencing even higher turnout gains.

As the nation continues to tune into the thousands and races happening up and down this year’s ballot, this report underscores the unmatched ability of America’s nonprofits to foster equitable and sustainable voter participation in communities from coast to coast.