Nonprofit VOTE’s monthly webinar series is a set trainings and discussions on nonpartisan voter engagement for nonprofits, featuring experts in the field. Nonprofit staff, volunteers and other interested stakeholders are invited to attend free of charge.  You can find links to recordings of previously held webinars and PowerPoint presentations in our resource library here. If you would like to support our work, please consider a donation.

Please note dates are subject to change.

Upcoming Webinar:

Understanding Who Turned Out to Vote in 2018

November 20 at 12:30pm ET

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Early analysis shows this election had the highest voter turnout rate in a midterm since 1966. Who are the voters are driving the surge? What factors made a difference this year? And, what could this mean for 2020?

To break down this years voter turnout, we have Michael McDonald with helpful graphs, bringing much needed context to a contentious election cycle that had 35 seats in the Senate up for election, 39 governorships, and ALL 435 House of Representatives seats. And to understand who voted, experts Abby Kiesa from the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) and Christine Chen of the Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote (APIAVote) will join us to look at recent trends and midterm turnout among young people and Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders — key groups with a history of low participation and potential to swing elections.

Go beyond the results and dive into their meaning with this free, one-hour webinar.

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Look Ahead at Nonprofit VOTE’s 2019 Webinar Series

Stay tuned as we announce our 2019 Webinar Series and its special guests:

  • Running for Office: a Primer for Nonprofit Leaders
  • Fundraising for Your Voter Engagement and Census 2020 Work
  • Plan Ahead, part 1: Choosing Your Voter Engagement Activities for 2019
  • Plan Ahead, part 2: Mapping Your Voter Engagement Strategy for 2019
  • Ballot Measures, part 1: Getting Your Issue on the Ballot
  • Supporting Voters in States with Strict Voter ID Laws
  • Census 2020: Preparing to Get Out the Count
  • Voter Engagement Trends in Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities
  • Nonpartisanship for Nonprofits: 501(c)(3) Permissible Activities
  • How to Conduct a Voter Registration Drive at Your Nonprofit
  • Candidate Forums, Guides, and Appearances at Your Nonprofit
  • Using a Voter File to Expand Your Reach
  • America Goes to the Polls: Understanding How Policy Impacts Voter Turnout
  • Voter Engagement at Health Centers
  • Engaging New Voters: Nonprofit Impact on 2018 Turnout
  • Supporting Young Voters: Youth Speak Out
  • Ballot Measures, part 2: Mobilize Voters Using Advocacy
  • GOTV Season: Local Election Turnout Relies on Nonprofit Action
  • 2020 Primaries and Presidential Elections: A Look Ahead
  • Census 2020, part 2: Local Actions, National Impact