Each year, millions of Americans are walled off from the democratic process due to easily solvable bureaucratic pitfalls like missing a registration deadline or failing to update a registration after moving. It’s this reality that brought National Voter Registration Day into existence on September 22, 2012.

What is it?

National Voter Registration Day is the nation’s biggest nonpartisan, civic holiday devoted purely to promoting voter registration. Nonprofit VOTE is the managing partner of this highly-collaborative holiday and its many stakeholders.

Organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to local food banks and public libraries join forces for a one-day, nationwide democracy blitz to create broad awareness of voter registration opportunities as well as holding in-person (and virtual) events to ensure every eligible person is #VoteReady

Equipped with a coordinated messaging presence in social and traditional media, the latest in civic outreach strategies, and invaluable grassroots relationships in communities across the country, the many partner organizations under the National Voter Registration Day banner form an unmatched coalition for closing the voter participation gaps in our democracy.

And since its inception, National Voter Registration Day and our partners have helped to close those gaps by nearly three million voters.


How does it work?

We encourage interested nonprofits to  sign on as a National Voter Registration Day partner

\Signing up is free, easy, and immediately puts your organization among the ranks of current and past partners like Blue Apron, EveryLibrary, Snapchat, Viacom, League of Women Voters, Google, and other major names and brands that have all stepped up for the cause of democracy.

From there, you’ll be provided with comprehensive toolkits for organizing events, recruiting volunteers, sample emails, press releases, and social media assets you can use to promote events through your own communications channels. 

You’ll also receive free National Voter Registration Day posters and stickers to help you spread the word in style.

As a solidly non-partisan event, National Voter Registration Day has the distinct honor of being endorsed by the National Association of Secretaries of State, the National Association of State Election Directors, with the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission, and the National Association of Election Officials (a.k.a. Election Center), all of whom work toward the common purpose of getting the levers of democracy into the hands of every eligible American.