Voting in Your State

Getting you connected with nonprofits in your state and official voting information directly from your state’s elections website…

What you will find for each state

State Elections Website

Find state-specific information on elections, such as how to register to vote online and in-person, how to request an absentee ballot, polling locations, information on any requirements around voter identification, and other information.

Please keep in mind that not all states offer online voter registration and/or voting by mail. Please contact the state’s elections office for more information.

State Registration Form

Voter registration form for your state that can be used for voter registration drives.

Please contact the state elections office for any exceptions or laws regarding use of this form.

State-specific Guides to Voter Engagement for Nonprofits

State-specific information about laws regarding voter registration, early voting, vote-by-mail, and other frequently asked questions and links. There is also a guide to help nonprofits understand the relevant laws before conducting voter registration activities.

Please keep in mind that it is always best to contact your state election officials directly about laws governing voting and voter engagement.

State Nonprofit Association

Links are provided to your state’s nonprofit association to serve as an additional resource for your nonprofit.

Please contact the state organization for more information.