Nonprofit VOTE’s monthly webinar series is a set of monthly trainings and discussions on nonpartisan voter engagement for nonprofits, featuring experts in the field. Nonprofit staff, volunteers and other interested stakeholders are invited to attend free of charge.  You can find links to recordings of previously held webinars and PowerPoint presentations in our resource library here.

Please note dates are subject to change.

Upcoming webinars:

Engaging New Voters in 2016

Date: Thursday, Dec. 10th, 2:00PM ET, 11:00AM PT (RSVP Now!)

Featured Presenters: Brian Miller, executive director, Nonprofit VOTE, Julian Johannesen, director or research and training, Nonprofit VOTE, Lindsey Hodel, national field director, Nonprofit VOTE

We’ll be presenting findings from our newly released report on the effectiveness of voter registration and pledge to vote programs undertaken by direct service providers in turning out their consumers, clients, and constituents.


Previously held webinars:

Plan Ahead 2015: Building a Voter Engagement Timeline for Your Nonprofit

Held: February 19th (watch on our YouTube channel)

Featured Presenter: Lindsey Hodel, National Field Director, Nonprofit VOTE

The 2015 elections will be here soon, and it’s time to start thinking about your nonprofit’s plan for registering, educating, and engaging voters.  This webinar discusses when, where, and how to incorporate voter engagement activities into your work.  It’s also designed to help you develop and tailor a 2015 voter engagement timeline for your organization.

America Goes to the Polls 2014: State by State Voter Turnout Rankings and More

Held: March 19th (watch on our YouTube channel)

Featured Presenter: George Pillsbury, Senior Consultant, Nonprofit VOTE and Michael McDonald, Professor of Political Science at University of Florida

Join us for a discussion of voter turnout in the 2014 midterm elections.  Using official turnout data from Secretaries of State and data from other sources, we’ll examine turnout trends, state rankings, the effect of reforms like Election day Registration on turnout, and more.

Being Nonpartisan: Voter Engagement for 501(c)(3) Nonprofits

Held: Thursday, April 16th (watch on our YouTube channel)
Featured Presenter: George Pillsbury, Senior Consultant, Nonprofit VOTE

Learn how to ensure that your nonprofit remains nonpartisan while engaging clients, consumers, staff, and constituents around voting and elections.  The webinar includes explanations of IRS rules, do’s and don’t’s for nonprofits, and more.

Getting Started: Nonpartisan Voter Engagement at your Nonprofit

Held: Thursday, May 14th (watch on our YouTube channel)
Featured Presenter: Erika Anthony, Senior Director of Advocacy, Policy & Research at Cleveland Neighborhood Progress; Lindsey Hodel, National Field Director, Nonprofit VOTE

This introduction to nonprofit voter engagement work covers the basics – voter registration, voter education, candidate engagement, get-out-the-vote efforts, and staying nonpartisan – while focusing on how to integrate these activities into services you already provide.

Candidate Engagement: Candidate Forums, Appearances, and More

Held: Thursday, June 11th (watch on our YouTube channel)
Featured Presenter:
 Cheryl Clyburn-Crawford, Executive Director, MassVOTE

Candidate engagement is one of the most effective ways your nonprofit can advocate for your community. It also draws community members into the political process and encourages voting and other civic engagement. We’ll cover candidate forums, candidate appearances, sharing research with candidates, and more.

Laws on the Ballot: Ballot Measure Advocacy for Nonprofits

Held: Tuesday, July 14th (watch on our YouTube channel)

Featured Presenter: Abby Levine, Legal Director of Bolder Advocacy, Alliance for Justice

In addition to providing neutral information on both sides of an issue, did you know that your nonprofit can encourage your constituents to vote for or against a ballot measure or constitutional amendment? Learn the in’s and out’s of nonprofit ballot measure advocacy, the 501(h) election, and more.

Nonprofit Votes Count: Tactics and Strategies to Register Your Staff to Vote

Date: Tuesday, Aug. 11th (watch on our YouTube channel)
Featured Presenter:
 Brian Miller, Executive Director, Nonprofit VOTE; Jan Masaoka, CEO, California Association of Nonprofits, Jatrice Martel Gaiter, Executive Vice President of External Affairs, Volunteers of America

Join the campaign to ensure that every nonprofit staff person, volunteer and board member is registered to vote!  In this webinar we’ll discuss tactics and strategies, and present new resources help you get started.

Celebrate National Voter Registration Day

Date: Thursday, Aug. 13th (watch on our YouTube channel)
Featured Presenter:
Maggie Bush, Program Manager, Elections at the League of Women Voters; Jessica Reeves, Fiona Yau-Luu, National Programs Manager / Coalition Miner at the Bus Federation Civic Fund

On September 22nd, 2015, volunteers and organizations from all over the country will celebrate the fourth annual National Voter Registration Day. Last year alone, over 400 organizations and 10,000 volunteers registered more than 155,000 people to vote. This year, we want you to be part of this exciting celebration of democracy. Join us to learn how your organization can get involved, host your own voter registration event, spread the word, and more.

Voter Registration at Your Nonprofit

Date: Thursday, Aug. 20th (watch on our YouTube channel)
Featured Presenter:
 Rebecca Gorrell, Executive Director, Colorado Participation Project

Voter registration is a foundational voter engagement activity. Learn how your nonprofit can integrate nonpartisan voter registration into the work you already do.  We’ll discuss voter registration tactics, do’s and don’t’s, and more.

Nonprofits Get Out the Vote!

Date: Thursday, Oct. 1  (watch on our YouTube channel)

Featured Presenter: Helena Berbano, Field Coordinator, Nonprofit VOTE

Get out the vote this November!  Learn about effective, nonpartisan strategies and tactics for getting out the vote in your community.

Election Reform Gains in 2012

Date: Thursday, Nov. 12  (watch on our YouTube channel)

Featured Presenter: Wendy Weiser, director of the Democracy Program at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law

2015 has been a good year for measures designed to make it easier to register and vote. Several states either passed or implemented online voter registration. Vermont joined the growing ranks of states offering Election Day Registration. Oregon and California became the first two states to offer automatic voter registration. In this webinar we’ll discuss some of those reforms and the effect they’re expected to have.