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The organizations we worked with in 2020 faced budgetary, staffing, and service delivery challenges throughout the pandemic, yet they still stepped up to make sure that the communities they serve are represented at the polls. These groups illustrate the power of civically-engaged nonprofits to change the status quo, and, in doing so, should serve as a model for others. This report is dedicated to the nonprofit leaders, staff, and volunteers committed to a more robust and equitable American electorate.

We partnered with 180 organizations—mostly service providers, food pantries, housing groups, and other community-based nonprofits—that reached approximately 70,000 voters across 7 states.

Nonprofit VOTE’s multi-state field program partners with anchors who in turn activate smaller, local sites to run nonpartisan voter engagement efforts at nonprofits across the nation, leveraging the community trust, long-term relations, and cultural competency these organizations bring to the table. Voters engaged in the program include anyone who registered to vote, signed a pledge-to-vote card, or completed an absentee ballot request form (or digital equivalent of one) at the participating sites. Contact information from these individuals was matched to their state’s voter rolls via our data partner to assess demographics reached and turnout. Additionally, we conducted surveys, interviews, and focus groups to understand how these nonprofits made a difference.

Nonprofit VOTE field program graphic

Snapshot of Nonprofit Sites

Had Annual Budgets Under $1MM
First Time Doing Voter Engagement
Provided Food Assistance
Digital Voter Engagement Only
Provided Education Services
Reduced In-Person Services (COVID)
Provided Client Advocacy Services

Snapshot of Voters Engaged by Sites

Of the 35,000 voters we had contact information for, 25,000 were matched to the voter file and analyzed, including:

Voter Registrations and Verifications
Pledge-to-Vote Cards

Voters Engaged Who Hadn’t Voted in 2016 or 2018

Voters Reached with GOTV and Election Reminders

Vote By Mail Applications