Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are at the heart of who we are and what we do at Nonprofit VOTE. We believe that an inclusive democracy where all have a seat at the table – especially people of color, low-income voters, those without college degrees, voters with disabilities, and younger voters that have been historically disenfranchised and underrepresented – is essential to ensuring our democracy reflects the true will of the nation. This understanding drives our work to equip nonprofits with nonpartisan tools and resources to engage the communities they serve in voting and elections, and in doing so, foster a more inclusive democracy.

To ensure our success, it is vital that our internal operations reflect these same values. For this reason, we embed DEI values throughout our policies, practices, and organizational structure. We’ve successfully built a diverse, multi-racial, and multicultural Board, Leadership Council, and staff. We also strive to foster a collaborative space to reflect, deliberate, and plan so our various perspectives can collectively inform the direction of our work. To this end, we continually seek feedback, evaluate, and update our internal structures and policies, as well as our external program work, to ensure these values are reflected. As a result of these discussions and values, we pay all interns, list salary ranges in all job postings, resource and support ongoing professional development for all staff members, and are continually devising new ways to increase the strength and demonstration of our commitment in our internal operations. Externally in our program work, we prioritize our regranting and support work toward BIPOC-led and serving organizations, we ensure our webinars and online content is accessible to those with disabilities, and we consider DEI values in all our teamwork planning. This work is ongoing. We will continue to take bold steps to prioritize DEI and commit resources and support to move the sector forward.