Throughout 2022, we will all be hearing news stories about the November midterms, what they mean for our political parties, control of Congress, and swing state projections. Unfortunately, what won’t make the headlines are the millions of Americans whose voices are diminished or marginalized in the political process. Gaps in voter registration and turnout along the lines of race, income, age, and education level distort our democracy and the policy debates that flow from it.

In our work to foster a more inclusive democracy, we are DOUBLING our efforts in 2022 to support nonprofit organizations across the country who are perfectly equipped to make sure the communities they serve – often the same communities least represented in our democracy – are registered and ready to vote in EVERY election. Through our updated resources, webinars, checklists, reports and programs – we work to help our nation’s nonprofits ensure the communities they serve have a seat at the table.

By supporting Nonprofit VOTE you can play a larger role in helping more people participate and vote. A one-time or monthly/sustaining gift of $25, $50, $100, or more helps us provide materials and training sessions to local nonprofits — food pantries, homeless shelters, health clinics, job training sites — so they can register their clients to vote and make sure they get to the polls. 

Nonprofit VOTE is proud to have achieved the GuideStar Gold designation in keeping with a standard of public transparency.