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Countdown to Election Day: Ballot Measures . October 21, 2014

On November 4th voters will decide the fate of 146 statewide ballot measures in 42 states. While nonprofits cannot endorse or oppose candidates for office, they can engage their communities around ballot measures. Your efforts for or against a ballot measure are considered lobbying not electioneering. Therefore, your nonprofit can: Take a stand on a read more

The Final Count: 2014 Ballot Measures . September 11, 2014

Thanks to Ballotpedia we have the final count for statewide ballot measures this year–148. Just 35–a near record low–of these ballot measures are citizen-proposed. The last time the total number of statewide measures fell below 150 was 1986. In 2012, voters saw 188 statewide ballot questions. 136 of this year’s statewide ballot measures will appear read more