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Webinar Materials: The Benefits of Voting . March 1, 2016

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend last week’s webinar “The Benefits of Voting.” Thank you also for all of your questions. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact George Pillsbury or Julian Johannesen. Webinar Materials: Please feel free to download the webinar PowerPoint and audio file, or watch the read more

The Benefits of Voting: Who Votes Matters . January 29, 2015

Until recently, conventional wisdom held that those who vote on a regular basis and those who don’t have similar views on most issues. However, new research shows that “nonvoters”–those who don’t vote regularly or at all, and who are disproportionately lower income, younger, and new citizens–differ markedly on issues like the role of government and read more

The Benefits of Voting for Nonprofits . January 27, 2015

Voter engagement efforts build stronger nonprofits. Nonprofits whose communities vote have more access to elected officials, increased clout on issues, and are better positioned to advance their mission. Nonprofits reach people missed by traditional campaigns, contributing to more active citizenship and an electorate that more fully represents the communities we serve. We create a more read more

The Benefits of Voting for Voters . January 22, 2015

Nonprofit voter engagement is good for organizations, but did you know that it’s also good for the people you serve? Voting is connected with a host of positive benefits for the individual voter. Compared to non-voters, voters are more likely to volunteer, contact their elected officials, and stay informed about local affairs. Voting is associated read more

Nonprofits Get Out the Vote: The Power and Benefits of Being a Voter . August 19, 2014

The following originally appeared as part of the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network‘s Nonprofit411 series. On November 4th, 36 senators, 36 governors, and all 435 members of the House of Representatives will be up for election. Here in Massachusetts, every statewide office, the state legislature, four (contentious) ballot questions, and numerous local races will be on the read more

The Benefits of Voting . July 18, 2014

Voter engagement is a critical part of nonprofit work because it not only empowers the people and the communities we serve, but it also helps us further our missions. Voter engagement makes us relevant both during and after elections, helping to make us part of critical public policy discussions and allowing us to weigh in read more

Voting and Health: 5 Reasons It’s Good For You . June 27, 2014

Voting not only helps advance the work of your nonprofit, but it can also benefit the individuals you serve. Interested in new ways of talking to your community about voting? Consider sharing our latest resource that highlights the health benefits of voting. Voting & Health: 5 Reasons It’s Good For You: It Strengthens Social Ties. read more

Factsheet Series Updated for 2014 . June 25, 2014

Nonprofit VOTE has update our factsheet series for 2014! Get the latest on candidate appearances, ballot measures, what staff can do, and more. In addition to our general factsheet series, we’ll also be releasing a new series in July on the Benefits of Voting. However, the first installment, Voting and Health: 5 Reasons It’s Good read more

Pull Out Those Calendars: Preparing for the 2014 Midterm . September 6, 2013

Is it too soon to think about next year’s national midterm and the election of Congress, one-third of the Senate, two-thirds of state governors, and almost all state legislatures? No, definitely not. Unfortunately, most nonprofits won’t even begin considering their November 2014 plans until the end of next summer. In such a small window, there read more

The Luck o’ the Vote! . March 16, 2012

The first official celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in the U.S. occurred in Morristown, New Jersey in 1780 and was authorized by George Washington. Today it’s often celebrated with parades, green clothing, and parties. But before you get your green on tomorrow, use today to think about “The Luck of the Vote” and its benefits.  read more