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Engaging New Voters report

New Report Makes the Case for Nonprofit Voter Engagement . December 2, 2015

This evening, Nonprofit VOTE released a new report that examines the impact nonprofits have when they engage the communities they serve in voting and elections. Engaging New Voters: The Impact of Nonprofit Voter Outreach on Client and Community Turnout is based on an analysis of 129 nonprofits that did voter engagement work across nine states read more

CIRCLE Launches Youth Voting Map . May 30, 2014

This week, CIRCLE launched a new interactive state-by-state map featuring youth voter turnout, voter registration, and youth demographic information. The map includes historical trends and state-level data on voter turnout and registration rates in midterm and presidential elections for citizens aged 18-29, and for those 30 and older. The map also allows users to create read more