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AP Survey: 1 in 65 Americans Registered in 2008 . June 23, 2008

A new AP survey shows voter registration rates soaring historically during this year’s election, with nearly one in 65 Americans registering to vote in just the first 3 months of 2008.

Demos Report: One-Stop Voting in North Carolina .

Read Demos’ new report on Same Day Registration‘s successful journey through the North Carolina legislature, from gaining the support of election officials to fighting concerns on voter fraud.

Rhode Island Legislature Passes National Popular Vote . June 22, 2008

On June 19, the Rhode Island House joined the Senate in passing the National Popular Vote Plan bill S 2112, . The vote was 36-34. The bill has been sent to Governor Donald Carcieri for approval. Next up: Massachusetts, New York and North Carolina. Read more. Link- Picture

Congressional Research Service Report on Voter ID . June 21, 2008

A new report from the Congressional Research Service analyzes Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Indiana’s voter ID requirement: download The Constitutionality of Requiring Photo Identification for Voting: An Analysis of Crawford v. Marion County Election Board .