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Democracy Ballot Measures 2020 . November 4, 2020

Summary of Election-Related Ballot Measures for the November ballot Election results below In November voters in 14 states and Puerto Rico decided 20 ballot measures impacting how they vote and conduct elections.2020’s ballot questions took on a range of election topics such as the National Popular Vote, Ranked Choice Voting, Nonpartisan Redistricting, Open Primaries, and read more

Political Competition Hits Historic Low: Part One . April 6, 2017

Political Competition Hits Historic Low: Part One The Anti-Competitive Impact of Winner-Take-All Voting and Partisan Redistricting Democracy cannot be just defined by the right to vote. Voters must also be offered meaningful choices between candidates and a genuine degree of electoral competition. Outside of a few battleground states, competition was hard to find in 2016. read more