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Nonprofits and Nonvoters . November 3, 2014

Read on to learn about nonvoters and how nonprofits can successfully turn them into voters! [View the story “Nonprofits and Nonvoters” on Storify]

The Benefits of Voting . July 18, 2014

Voter engagement is a critical part of nonprofit work because it not only empowers the people and the communities we serve, but it also helps us further our missions. Voter engagement makes us relevant both during and after elections, helping to make us part of critical public policy discussions and allowing us to weigh in read more

Webinar Series Returns in 2013 . December 21, 2012

For a number of years, we’ve sought to fill an information void on voting and elections in the nonprofit sector with our webinar series. Webinars are free of charge for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. They are recorded and made available on-demand online, along with the PowerPoint presentation and audio file. Our webinar series will return in read more

Vote 2012: The Nonprofit Difference . August 14, 2012

The following appeared in the Summer 2012 issue of The Provider, the flagship publication of the Providers’ Council. Many nonprofits see voter outreach as something beyond the scope of the services they provide, leaving their clients to instead rely on the efforts of candidates and party campaigns. As a result, many potential voters receive no read more

Learn about Nonprofit Voter Registration! . July 30, 2012

There’s still time to register for Thursday’s webinar! Ready, Set, Register: Nonprofit Voter Registration Thursday August 2nd, 2:00-3:00pm Eastern Registering to vote is the first step to becoming an active and engaged voter. In 2008, nine out of ten registered voters cast a ballot; among those who did not vote, many reported that they encountered problems read more

Keeping Track of Your Nonprofit’s Advocacy . July 12, 2012

Bolder Advocacy (Alliance for Justice) recently released Keeping Track: A Guide to Recordkeeping for Advocacy Charities. The guide is designed to help nonprofit staff and board members track the lobbying activities of their organization and accurately report those activities to the IRS. The guide contains sample forms and multiple options for tracking staff time, overhead read more

Endorse Voting November 6! . July 11, 2012

Endorse voting November 6 and get your free poster, buttons, and stickers! As 501(c)(3) nonprofits we can’t endorse candidates, but we can endorse voting. Join Nonprofit VOTE’s 2012 “Vote November 6” campaign by endorsing voting! The nonprofit sector can spread a simple yet effective message: Vote November 6. Together we can ensure our communities make read more

Remember to Vote with Your Mission! . June 5, 2012

It’s Election Day in California, where CalNonprofits’ Vote with Your Mission campaign is officially underway! Last month, we described their efforts to achieve 100% participation among California’s nonprofit staff and volunteers in the 2012 June and November elections. As of today, more than 100 nonprofits have already signed on! Organizations represent the diversity of California’s read more

Simple Strategies to Increase Turnout . May 21, 2012

A recent briefing by Todd Rogers–a Harvard professor and former founding executive director of the Analyst Institute–synthesized research and data on effective voter turnout strategies. Many of the findings can be applied to nonprofit voter engagement efforts, helping us strategically nudge voters to the polls on Election Day. While it’s important to raise the profile read more

Access Yesterday’s Ballot Measure Webinar Materials . May 11, 2012

Yesterday’s webinar, Taking a Stand: Ballot Measure Advocacy for Nonprofits, is now available! Thank you to our wonderful presenters, Nayantara Mehta, Senior Counsel at the Alliance for Justice, West Coast and Cathy Johnston, Advocacy Director at the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio, for joining us! You can watch the presentation on YouTube, and read more

Tied Down by Tuesday? . May 4, 2012

Next week voters in Indiana, North Carolina, and West Virginia will head to the polls to vote on federal and state offices in addition to a number of ballot questions. (Visit Ballotpedia for more on what’s on the ballot in every state this year.) But before Tuesday rolls around, Why Tuesday uses a new infographic read more

Georgia to Comply with the NVRA . May 1, 2012

Georgia recently settled a lawsuit brought by a coalition of voting rights groups to force compliance with the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) and ensure that anyone applying for state public assistance or disability support is offered the opportunity to register to vote. In Georgia, it’s clear there’s plenty of room for improvement. A recent read more

National Voter Registration Day: Sept. 25 . April 9, 2012

Nonprofit VOTE is part of National Voter Registration Day, a nationwide initiative to register all eligible voters on September 25, 2012! In 2008, 6 million people failed to cast a ballot either because they didn’t know how to register to vote or they missed the deadline. But in 2012, we want to make sure everyone read more

The Luck o’ the Vote! . March 16, 2012

The first official celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in the U.S. occurred in Morristown, New Jersey in 1780 and was authorized by George Washington. Today it’s often celebrated with parades, green clothing, and parties. But before you get your green on tomorrow, use today to think about “The Luck of the Vote” and its benefits.  read more

Arizona Nonprofits in Action . February 27, 2012

Many in Arizona’s nonprofit community are working diligently to register and educate voters with the goal of increasing voter turnout this November. This year, the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits is collaborating with several partners to offer tools and assistance to organizations interested in actively engaging their stakeholders. The next event–kicking off their voter registration phase–will read more

February Webinar Materials . February 24, 2012

Missed yesterday’s webinar, States Move to Restrict Voting: What Your Nonprofit Can Do to Defend the Right to Vote? No problem! Watch the webinar on our YouTube channel. If you subscribe to our channel, you’ll be notified whenever new content is posted. You can also download the PowerPoint presentation and the audio portion of the read more

Partner Spotlight: Coalition on Human Needs . February 22, 2012

One of our newest national partners, the Coalition on Human Needs (CHN) is an alliance of national organizations working to promote public policies that address the needs of low-income and other vulnerable people. Like many nonprofits involved in advocacy and public policy work, CHN believes that voter engagement complements these efforts. The Coalition on Human read more

NAACP Reports on "Block the Vote" Efforts . February 7, 2012

The NAACP recently produced a report, “Defending Democracy: Confronting Modern Barriers to Voting Rights in America,” that contextualizes the emergence of recent “block the vote” measures and explains their potential effects. The report examines a slew of legislative proposals, ballot initiatives, and voting laws that have been enacted or proposed: 14 states have passed 25 read more

2012 Webinar Series Schedule . February 3, 2012

The general election will be here before you know it, so to help you prepare we’re hosting a webinar every month until November. We’ll cover a variety of voter engagement topics to ensure you know how to conduct registration drives, educate voters, and get out the vote–all while staying nonpartisan! Remember, our webinars are free read more

Partner Spotlight: National Council of Nonprofits . January 13, 2012

The National Council of Nonprofits (NCN) supports nonprofit voter engagement efforts and believes that all nonprofits “have a right and a duty to be part of the electoral process”–particularly this year. NCN seeks to advance the role, capacity, and voice of nonprofit organizations through state and national networks, which is one of the reasons NCN read more

Increasing Voter Participation One Nonprofit at a Time . January 11, 2012

Most of your New Year’s Resolutions are already set (and maybe even broken), but we have one more that can’t wait until next year. In 2012 we’ll elect the president, 33 U.S. senators, every member of the House of Representatives, and countless others in state and local races. 220 million Americans will be eligible to read more

Upcoming Webinar: Making a Plan for 2012 . November 15, 2011

Our final webinar of 2011 will start you thinking about next year’s general election and how your nonprofit can maximize your impact with the resources you already have. Plan Ahead: Building a Voter Engagement Timeline for 2012Thursday December 1st, 2:00-3:00pm Eastern The 2012 presidential election will be here soon, and it’s time to start thinking read more

November 2011 Election Resources . November 4, 2011

Many voters will be heading to the polls on Tuesday. Make sure you’re prepared for Election Day and know where you’re voting, what’s on the ballot, and where to turn if you have questions. Remember that you may be able to cast your ballot early either in-person or by mail, depending on where you live. read more

October Webinar Recap . November 1, 2011

Thank you to everyone who joined last Thursday’s webinar, States Move to Restrict Voting: How Nonprofits Can Protect the Right to Vote. And a special thanks to Megan Donovan and Ellis Jacobs for sharing their expertise with us. The presentation and associated materials are now available: Watch the presentation online (with audio) or download the read more

Register Now for Thursday’s Webinar . October 25, 2011

There’s still time to register for this week’s webinar on recent election law changes! States Move to Restrict Voting – How Nonprofits Can Defend the Right to VoteThursday October 27th, 2:00-3:00pm Eastern 2011 has seen an unprecedented nationwide effort to pass legislation that creates voter registration barriers and limits access to the polls. New laws read more

2012 Nonprofit Campaign Underway in Arizona . October 21, 2011

More than 150 nonprofit leaders gathered in Phoenix earlier this month to kick off a year-long campaign to increase voter participation in the 2012 elections and “Reclaim Our Community’s Power.” The event was designed to inspire and equip nonprofits and other community-based organizations to conduct nonpartisan voter engagement in 2012. Nonprofit VOTE’s Lindsey Hodel was read more

New Hurdles: States Restrict Voting Rights . October 19, 2011

Earlier this month, the Brennan Center published a new report on “Voting Law Changes in 2012” that details and analyzes the bills that have been proposed and passed since the beginning of this year. Most have made it much more difficult for citizens to both register and vote. Restrictions have come in many forms, including: read more

October Webinar: Defending the Right to Vote . October 12, 2011

Our October webinar will address new election laws that make it difficult for countless voters to register and cast their ballot. Many nonprofits are now wondering how to best help their clients participate under the new rules, but are also seeking information on how they can fight back against restrictive voting laws. States Move to read more

New Hampshire Primary Project Returns . October 11, 2011

The New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits, in partnership with the National Council of Nonprofits, is once again sponsoring the 2012 Primary Project, a presidential candidate education initiative. The Project empowers members of the nonprofit and civic sector to engage candidates campaigning in New Hampshire, while also raising candidate and public awareness of the impact and read more

Last Week’s Webinar . October 3, 2011

Thanks to everyone who joined last week’s webinar, the ABCs of Nonpartisan Voter Registration for Nonprofits! The presentation and associated materials are now available: Watch the presentation online (with audio) or download the PowerPoint and audio file. If you have additional questions about voter registration, please feel free to contact our presenters: Bridgette RongitschProgram Lead, read more

Register for Thursday’s Webinar . September 27, 2011

There’s still time to register for our September voter registration webinar!  The ABCs of Nonpartisan Voter RegistrationThursday September 29th, 2:00-3:00pm Eastern Registering to vote is the first and most necessary step to becoming an active and engaged voter. This webinar will explain how your nonprofit can conduct effective, nonpartisan voter registration, emphasizing on-site strategies. Our read more

September Webinar: Voter Registration for Nonprofits . September 14, 2011

As you may have heard, September is our favorite voter registration month, and it’s this month’s webinar topic too! The ABCs of Nonpartisan Voter RegistrationThursday September 29th, 2:00-3:00pm Eastern Registering to vote is the first and most necessary step to becoming an active and engaged voter. This webinar will explain how your nonprofit can conduct read more

Do Nonprofit Staff Vote? . September 12, 2011

Survey says…yes! Earlier this year, the Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits (SVCN) polled 560 nonprofit staff members to learn more about the sector’s voting patterns. Respondents included 114 “executive and senior managers” and 446 “line-staff personnel,” described as mid-managers, caseworkers, program and clerical staff, etc. 100% of executive and senior managers reported being registered to vote, read more

New Voter Registration Toolkit . September 9, 2011

Many states and municipalities have upcoming registration deadlines, so it’s the perfect time to talk about one of our favorite voter engagement basics–voter registration! We’re pleased to present our new Voter Registration Toolkit for Nonprofits and Social Service Agencies. This toolkit describes the role nonprofits can play in registering voters and comes with: Seven Basic read more

Counteracting Campaign Cash . August 25, 2011

The Federal Election Commission’s approval of the Colbert Super PAC has turned some heads, and it also has plenty of people wondering just what a PAC is and does. With names that all seem to include “America” and references to apple pie, it’s no wonder people are confused. (If you want to get in on read more

Preparing for Municipal Elections . August 22, 2011

After our webinar last week on municipal and local elections, we wanted to follow up and make sure your nonprofit was excited and prepared for this fall. If your community is having a municipal election this year there are plenty of ways to get involved and get out the vote. Want to host a candidate read more

Yesterday’s Webinar Now Available . August 19, 2011

Thanks for joining yesterday’s webinar, Think Locally: The Value of Municipal and Regional Elections. The PowerPoint presentation is now available, along with the audio portion of the presentation in MP3 format. You can also watch the full presentation, including audio, online. If you have additional questions about municipal and local elections, please feel free to read more

Register Now for Thursday’s Webinar . August 16, 2011

You can still sign up for Thursday’s webinar: Think Locally: The Value of Municipal and Regional ElectionsThursday August 18th, 2:00-3:00pm Eastern Typically, voter turnout is significantly lower in local elections than in national or statewide races. The upside is that municipal, city, and other regional elections give your nonprofit an unparalleled opportunity to boost turnout, read more

August Webinar: Valuing Local Elections . August 4, 2011

Although there are no presidential candidates on the ballot this year, your nonprofit and community still have plenty to gain from participating in local elections. Think Locally: The Value of Municipal and Regional ElectionsThursday August 18th, 2:00-3:00pm Eastern Typically, voter turnout is significantly lower in local elections than in national or statewide races. The upside read more

Last Week’s Ballot Measure Webinar . August 1, 2011

Thanks to everyone who joined us for last week’s webinar Laws on the Ballot: How Nonprofits Can Take a Stand on Ballot Questions. The presentation is now available as a PDF along with the audio portion. You can also watch the presentation with audio online. If you have questions about how your nonprofit can take read more

Thursday’s Webinar: Nonprofits and Ballot Measures . July 26, 2011

Laws on the Ballot: How Nonprofits Can Take a Stand on Ballot Questions  Thursday, July 28th at 2:00pm EasternMany states put laws and constitutional amendments on the ballot, asking voters to make critical public policy decisions at the polls. Often, nonprofits have a vested interest in the outcome of these questions because they directly affect read more

Vote vs. Voter . July 19, 2011

Question: What’s the difference between the importance of voting and the importance of being a voter?Answer: A 14% difference in turnout. A new study by Stanford social psychologist Christopher Bryan suggests that voter turnout can be improved simply by calling someone a voter, rather than asking them to vote. The study shows that subtle linguistic read more

Nonprofits Take Action on Budget Challenges . July 15, 2011

As state and federal budgets are tightened, nonprofits are being asked to shoulder a disproportionate share of cuts, while still being expected to maintain quality services. In response, many have stepped forward to advocate and lobby for their clients, their causes, and their funding. In addition to working with legislators, many nonprofits are recognizing the read more

Coalition Pushes to Restore EDR in Maine . July 13, 2011

In June, we reported that Maine repealed its long tradition of allowing voters to register and cast their ballot on Election Day. Luckily, the story doesn’t end there: a people’s veto campaign is underway to restore Election Day Registration (EDR) to Maine. The movement is spearheaded by a collation of nonprofits, including the Maine Women’s read more

July Webinar: How Nonprofits Can Work on Ballot Questions . July 11, 2011

In the spirit of American independence, join us for our July webinar on direct democracy. Laws on the Ballot: How Nonprofits Can Take a Stand on Ballot QuestionsThursday July 28th, 2:00-3:00pm EasternMany states put laws and constitutional amendments on the ballot, asking voters to make critical public policy decisions at the polls. Often, nonprofits have read more

Project Vote Files NVRA Suit in Georgia . July 6, 2011

One of the reasons we encourage nonprofits to register their clients and constituents to vote is because many states are not fully compliant with the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), which requires public agencies to register voters. Recently, successful lawsuits in both Ohio and Missouri forced compliance and caused the number of voters registering at read more

Last Week’s Candidate Forum Webinar . June 29, 2011

Thank you to everyone who joined us for last Thursday’s webinar, Nonpartisan Candidate Forums: Building Clout for your Nonprofit. A special thanks to Cheryl Crawford and George Pillsbury for sharing their expertise. Due to technical difficulties during the webinar, the recording was clipped. We apologize for the inconvenience. Nevertheless, you can download the PowerPoint and read more

EAC Releases Voter Registration Data . June 28, 2011

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) recently made news when it came up on the House budget chopping block. (It survived.) In the meantime, the EAC has released a new report on voter registration statistics from after the 2008 general election through the 2010 midterm election. The report covers the number of registered voters, the read more

Troublesome Trend in Florida . June 10, 2011

Earlier this month Nonprofit VOTE’s partner, Rx Democracy! warned of the negative impact of Florida’s proposed election legislation. Despite opposition from numerous groups, Governor Rick Scott signed HB 1355/S 2086 into law. Florida in recent years had made great improvements to its election law that bolstered voter participation and turnout by making it easier for read more

June Webinar: Building Clout with Candidate Forums . June 3, 2011

We hope you can join us for this month’s webinar: Nonpartisan Candidate Forums: Building Political Clout for Your NonprofitThursday, June 23rd at 2:00pm EasternHosting a nonpartisan candidate forum gives your nonprofit the opportunity to educate candidates and the public about the issues that matter to your organization and the communities you support. Organizing or co-sponsoring read more

Nonprofit VOTE Shares Groundbreaking Research . May 25, 2011

During the 2010 midterm election, a first of its kind study assessed–and ultimately affirmed–the agency-based approach to increasing voter participation. Conducted with the support of Nonprofit VOTE and the Michigan Nonprofit Association, this new research demonstrates the effectiveness of nonprofit voter engagement efforts. The study found that: When a nonprofit talked to clients about voting, read more

Promote Voter Registration at Your Organization . May 20, 2011

Earlier this week we congratulated Michigan for taking advantage of naturalization ceremonies to register new citizens. It’s the perfect example of how to effectively integrate voter registration into ongoing activities. By reaching out to clients while providing services (or during classes or events) nonprofits can register voters with equal success. Nonprofit VOTE has numerous resources read more

Access Last Week’s Webinar . May 16, 2011

Many thanks to last week’s webinar attendees! We are pleased that so many joined us for Nonprofits Increase Voter Participation: New Research from the Field to hear about the importance of nonprofit voter engagement. Whether or not you were able to tune in, you can still access the materials online: download the PowerPoint and the read more

Share Your Story . May 11, 2011

Is your nonprofit registering new voters? Gearing up for a municipal election? Designing a candidate questionnaire? Well then let us know! At Nonprofit VOTE we love to hear from nonprofit organizations about the voter participation activities, projects, and events you’re working on, as well as why does your nonprofit participates in this work. So no read more

Thursday’s Webinar Features New Voter Participation Research . May 9, 2011

Please join us on Thursday for a webinar that will show just how effective nonprofit voter engagement is and why your nonprofit should be doing it. Nonprofits Increase Voter Participation: New Research from the FieldThursday, May 12th at 2:00pm EasternLearn about exciting new evidence documenting the impact nonprofits have when they talk to their clients read more

Lax NVRA Compliance Leaves Void for Nonprofits to Fill . May 5, 2011

Last month, Project Vote and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund filed a complaint to force Louisiana into compliance with the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), and ensure that low-income residents have the opportunity to register to vote. The suit follows in the wake of other successful complaints in both Ohio and Missouri where the number read more

May Webinar: Nonprofits Increase Voting – New Research . April 22, 2011

Please join us for our upcoming webinar: Nonprofits Increase Voter Participation: New Research from the FieldThursday, May 12th at 2:00pm EasternLearn about exciting new evidence documenting the impact nonprofits have when they talk to their clients and constituents about voting. Professor Kelly LeRoux will discuss a new study that tracked the outcomes of nonprofit service read more

Nonprofits Helped Make the 2010 Census Possible . April 15, 2011

We’ve had a lot to say about the Census recently, and before we dial it back there’s one more thing Nonprofit VOTE has to get off its chest–thank you! We want to recognize nonprofits in all 50 states who worked on the Census and our Nonprofits Count! 2010 campaign. You made an incredible difference by read more

Access Yesterday’s Census Webinar . April 8, 2011

Whether or not you were able to join us for yesterday’s webinar “Power in Numbers: Putting 2010 Census Data to Use,” you can still access it online! You can download both the PowerPoint presentation and the audio portion (in MP3 format) or watch the full presentation online. If you have questions for any of our read more

Upcoming Webinar on Census Data . April 5, 2011

Register now for Thursday’s webinar! Power in Numbers: Putting 2010 Census Data to UseThursday, April 7th at 2:00pm EasternIf you work for a nonprofit, chances are you’ve come across or used Census data. Learn more about how you can access and use this powerful data. Whether you’re an expert at using Census data, an intermediate, read more

Mandering Madness . March 30, 2011

Unless you’re one of a select few, your tournament bracket is probably busted. Although March is almost over, (Gerry)Mandering Madness has only just begun! Last week the Census delivered the final state-level files that are used for redistricting. So what’s next for your state? In Iowa, where redistricting has traditionally been a low-key affair, the read more

Nonprofits, Are You for or Against Voting? . March 28, 2011

Earlier this month the Nonprofit Quarterly posted an article on “Nonprofits Dedicated to Making it More Difficult for People to Register and Vote.” The author rightly points out that “our nation needs people to vote,” and that’s exactly why Nonprofit VOTE exists. Because of their relationships with clients and communities–as well as their nonpartisan missions–we read more

The Latest from the U.S. Census . March 25, 2011

Yesterday the Census Bureau delivered the last of the state-level files from the 2010 Census. That means every state is now armed and ready for redistricting, and many are already knee-deep in it. In addition to more redistricting data, we learned a few other things about the nation’s population. For example, the U.S. mean center read more

Wednesday’s Webinar on Redistricting . March 18, 2011

Thank you to everyone who participated in Wednesday’s webinar, Getting a Seat at the Table: What Nonprofits Should Know About Redistricting. A special thanks to our presenter Justin Levitt for lending us his expertise. The PowerPoint is available for download along with the audio portion of the presentation in MP3 format. Alternatively, you can watch read more

Redistricting Webinar Wednesday! . March 14, 2011

Don’t forget to join us Wednesday for our first webinar of 2011: Getting a Seat at the Table: What Nonprofits Should Know About RedistrictingWednesday, March 16th at 2:00pm EasternRedistricting is right around the corner and critical decisions will be made that can affect our communities, our missions, and our funding for the next decade. Tune read more

New Voter Registration Poster Available! . March 10, 2011

Our new “Register to Vote” poster is now available to order! Whether you’re gearing up for a municipal election or just want to make voting more visible at your organization, this poster is the perfect tool. Voter registration is one way your nonprofit can promote voter participation year-round. Want tips on how to get started? read more

Veterans Campaign . March 7, 2011

Veterans Campaign keeps it simple. They’re a nonpartisan, non-ideological organization who trains veterans to run for public office. Why veterans? Members of the military are of course allowed to vote, but because of their position they are not entitled to solicit or receive political contributions or engage in political activity while on duty, in a read more

Show Your Love for Elections . February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day! After you shower your loved ones with attention and sugar, think about sharing you love for elections with another nonprofit! The 2012 election cycle may seem far away, but it’s closer than you think! We have seen time and again that nonprofits play a critical role in helping the people they serve read more

Nonprofit Election Survey Results . February 11, 2011

Nonprofit VOTE would like to thank the hundreds of local nonprofits and service providers that responded to our online survey about their 2010 voter engagement activities. The survey examined how nonprofit staff and stakeholders approached voter engagement work, which activities were most common, which materials were used most frequently, their value to the nonprofit, and read more

Constituents Matter! . January 27, 2011

The Congressional Management Foundation released a new report based on the results of 260 congressional staff who were surveyed on their opinions about practices related to constituent communications. Here are some takeaways from “Communicating with Congress”: 57% of staff felt email and the Internet have made Senators and Representatives more accountable to their constituents. 90% read more

How to Voterize Your MLK Day Event . January 10, 2011

With Martin Luther King, Jr. Day widely accepted as “a day on, not a day off” most nonprofits have taken the opportunity to promote special projects and events. To help, the HandsOn Network hosted a series of webinars for nonprofits on how to get the most out of their MLK Day of service and other read more

It’s National Letter-Writing Week! . January 7, 2011

In a world of email, text messages, Twitter, Facebook, and everything in between, sometimes the hand-written letter can get lost. But not this week, because tomorrow kicks off National Letter-Writing Week (January 8-14)! If you don’t have a pen pal, consider writing to one of your state legislators or your congressional representatives about an issue read more

Arizona Nonprofit Fights Ballot Measure . December 20, 2010

Nonprofit organizations have played an increasingly important role in organizing supporters for and against ballot measures. In the most recent election, Southwest Human Development–Arizona’s largest nonprofit child development agency, serving children ages 0-5 and their families–turned their attention to Proposition 302, which aimed to repeal the First Things First Program, an early childhood services program. read more

Nonprofit VOTE Gives Thanks . November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so we wanted to share with you the many things Nonprofit VOTE is grateful for this year. For starters, we have amazing state and national partners who are doing wonderful work, in addition to an incredible network of supporters spread across the country. We’re also thankful for the many nonprofits that worked read more

NVEN in the News: MSNBC . July 26, 2008

Elizabeth Wasserman reports on nonprofits’ voter engagement work this election season and on the challenges facing 501(c)(3)s in their attempt to maintain nonpartisanship. Read her discussion of NVEN, which quotes Minnesota Participation Project coordinator Maureen Cisneros!

American Democracy Institute Launches I Vote You Vote . July 24, 2008

On July 14, The American Democracy Institute announced the launch of I Vote YouVote (, a website that empowers voters to guide their non-voting friendsand family members through the registration, education and mobilization process of voterparticipation. “Half of young voters cite the encouragement of friends and family as their reason for voting,”said American Democracy Institute read more

FedEx, Overseas Vote Foundation Team Up to Ease Ballot Shipping Woes . July 14, 2008

Seeking to alleviate a top concern for overseas absentee voters, FedEx will team up with the Overseas Vote Foundation- a nonprofit that helps overseas and military voters to participate and vote- and ship ballots for free or at heavy discounts this fall, the company announced this week. Read more.

501(c)(3)s and 501(c)(4)s: AFJ’s Question of the Week . July 8, 2008

From Alliance for Justice’s Advocacy Blog, 6/30/2008: Question: A 501(c)(4) organization would like to join our coalition of 501(c)(3)s to carry on nonpartisan voter registration and mobilization activities. Can we allow the 501(c)(4) into the coalition? Answer: Yes, so long as the 501(c)(4) abides by the rules for 501(c)(3)s. As detailed in Alliance for Justice’s read more

August 1-3, 2008: National Hip-Hop Political Convention . July 2, 2008

The National Hip-Hop Political Convention will be held in Las Vegas from August 1-3, 2008, bringing together grassroots activists, non-profit youth organizations, voter engagement groups, and conscious artists in an effort to unify the “hip-hop nation’s” election voice. The NHHPC is a 501 (C)(3) organization dedicated to using the hip-hop culture as a tool to read more

AIGA’s Election Design Top Ten . June 26, 2008

Read AIGA’s (American Institute of Graphic Artists) “Election Design Top Ten” a set of good principles for creating get-out-the-vote posters. The Top Ten list was collected from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) report on ballot and polling place design guidelines, crafted by AIGA in July 2007 and distributed to 6,000 election officials across the read more

Disability Nonprofit Celebrates, Gets Out the Vote . June 25, 2008

An enthusiastic crowd of over 150 people attended the annual meeting of the Progress Center for Independent Living one recent Saturday afternoon at the Mohr Community Center. Celebrating the Forest Park-based, non-profit organization’s 20th anniversary, the annual party served as an opportunity to share information, promote advocacy, and empower people with disabilities. Consumers of the read more

Nonprofit Input Sought on the Future of Communicating with Congress .

The Congressional Management Foundation (CMF), a nonprofit, non-partisan organization working to improve communications between citizens and members of Congress, has released two new reports. One report, Communicating with Congress: How the Internet Has Changed Citizen Engagement, describes how the Internet has revitalized citizen communication with Congress.A second report in draft form, entitled Communicating with Congress: read more

Video the Vote . June 24, 2008

Video the Vote‘s goal is to be the eyes and ears where ballots are cast and counted. Ordinary citizens, armed with video cameras, become journalists and reporters as they document irregularities at polling places and boards of elections on Election Day. The effort enables the media and public to watch-dog the electoral process across the read more

Florida Immigrant Coalition Launches Voter Engagement Program .

The Florida Immigrant Coalition is conducting its first voter-mobilization project and hopes to sign up 4,300 new Haitian, Latino, and community-college students between June and November. The Voter Engagement Project is currently hiring Coordinators to register new voters, get 6,000 people to the polls for the November 2008 elections, and develop existing organizations and their read more

Minnesota Nonprofits Could Be Required to Register Voters . June 23, 2008

Nonprofits who are wary of election-related activities for fear of losing their 501(c)(3) status need not fear voter registration work – especially in Minnesota, where some nonprofit organizations are actually required to conduct voter registration for their employees and constituents. At the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits’ June 3rd Voter Mobilization kickoff event, coordinator Josh Winters read more

Virginia Organizing Project Kicks Off .

“A Charlottesville nonprofit group’s representatives might soon come knocking as part of a statewide attempt to increase voter registration and awareness of issues like health care reform. About 50 Virginia Organizing Project interns began a 10-week door-to-door campaign throughout the state last week. Around seven are canvassing an area from Williamsburg to Virginia Beach, said read more