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Election Improvements Still Needed . November 20, 2012

Communities frequently served by nonprofits made impressive gains in the electorate this year. However, there are still a number of electoral improvements that can be made. Shorter Lines, More Early In-Person Voting A curtailed in-person early voting period in Florida led to 7 hour lines, discouraged voters, and an overwhelmed system. On Election Day, voters read more

It’s Tuesday November 6th: Election Day! . November 6, 2012

Election Day is finally here. You already have the information and resources you need to help your community vote. Today is about celebrating the election and reminding and encouraging people to vote. Good luck and Happy Election Day!

Are You Ready for Tomorrow? . November 5, 2012

Tomorrow is Election Day! In areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy, there may be changes to official polling locations that are not reflected in online tools. Be sure to check with your local elections office for updates to polling sites.   If you need a little push before heading to the polls, watch JFK ask every read more

Increasing Voter Participation One Nonprofit at a Time . January 11, 2012

Most of your New Year’s Resolutions are already set (and maybe even broken), but we have one more that can’t wait until next year. In 2012 we’ll elect the president, 33 U.S. senators, every member of the House of Representatives, and countless others in state and local races. 220 million Americans will be eligible to read more