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Webinar Materials: Engaging New Voters in 2016 . December 11, 2015

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend yesterday’s webinar “Engaging New Voters in 2016.”  More than 166 people joined the webinar! That’s one of the highest turnouts we’ve ever had. We really do appreciate your interest and all of your great questions. Webinar Materials: Please feel free to download the webinar PowerPoint and read more

Why Don’t Millennials Vote in Local Elections? . July 2, 2015

The Knight Foundation recently released research about the barriers and motivators for local voting, specifically focusing on “drop-off millennial voters,”–people ages 20 to 34 who voted in the last national election but not in recent local elections. Local elections are missing millions of millennial voters who participate in national elections but not ones in their read more

North Carolina Nonprofits Turn Out the Vote . May 11, 2015

In 2014, Nonprofit VOTE conducted a multi-state study to analyze the voter engagement strategies of nonprofit service providers. More than 100 nonprofits participated, reaching more than 45,000 clients, consumers, and constituents about registering or pledging to vote. Early analysis has revealed that in North Carolina, nonprofits participating in the study had a significant impact on read more

Outreach to “Unlikely” Voters Creates Voters . November 17, 2014

Thad Kousser, a professor of political science at UC San Diego, recently wrote in the The Los Angeles Times about low voter turnout in California. In the June 2014 primary, only a quarter of registered voters cast a ballot, the lowest turnout rate ever in a California primary. In addition to the general turnout problem, read more

NCSL Launches Elections Administration Research Database . June 26, 2014

This week, the National Conference of State Legislatures launched their Elections Administration Research Database. The database houses more than 1,900 reports dating back to 2000 that address a wide range of elections topics including election costs, voter ID, and online voter registration. The reports reflect a variety of perspectives, ranging from election administrators to nonprofit read more

How to Approach “The Great Unengaged” . June 11, 2014

Of the 23.3 million voting-eligible Latino adult U.S. citizens, only an estimated 13.7 million are registered to vote. To better understand the nearly 10 million unregistered potential Latino voters, NALEO Educational Fund engaged the research firm Latino Decisions to conduct a national survey and series of focus groups to uncover the reasons that voting-eligible, unregistered, read more

Webinar Materials: Who Votes Now? . April 25, 2014

Yesterday’s webinar, Who Votes Now? Demographics, Issues, Inequality and Turnout in the United States, is now available. Many thanks to Professor Nagler for joining us. Watch the presentation on YouTube. If you subscribe to our channel, you’ll be notified whenever new content is posted. You can also download the PowerPoint presentation and the audio portion read more

Thank You for an Incredible 2013! . December 30, 2013

Before 2013 comes to a close, we want to a take a brief moment to thank our partners, our supporters, and nonprofits across the country for supporting voting. 2013 was an exciting year for Nonprofit VOTE: We debuted brand-new research on the impact of nonprofit voter engagement, including both turnout data and case studies. The read more

What We Learned in 2013 . December 13, 2013

As 2013 ends, it’s the perfect time to reflect on what we learned this year. This summer, Nonprofit VOTE released a two-part report, Can Nonprofits Increase Voting Among Their Clients, Constituents, and Staff? An Evaluation of the Track the Vote Program. While Part I of the report showcases the impact of nonprofit voter engagement on read more

Thursday: Nonprofits Increase Voting – Findings from 2012 . October 21, 2013

There’s still time to register for Thursday’s webinar:  Nonprofits Increase Voting: Findings from 2012 Thursday October 24th, 2:00-3:00pm Eastern What happens when nonprofits talk to their constituents about voting? To find out, Nonprofit VOTE and its partners enlisted 94 nonprofit service providers to track their voter contacts with 33,741 individuals in seven states during the read more

"Yes, we vote" . October 8, 2013

By Michael Weekes, President of the Providers’ Council. Reprinted from The Provider, the newspaper of the Providers’ Council, Summer 2013 issue.   Nonprofit VOTE, the nation’s leading nonpartisan source focused on engaging nonprofits in registering voters and promoting voting through mission-focused activities, has released a seminal report on voting rates for those connected with nonprofits. read more

October Webinar: Nonprofits Increase Voting – Findings from 2012 . September 30, 2013

Nonprofits Increase Voting: Findings from 2012 Thursday October 24th, 2:00-3:00pm EasternWhat happens when nonprofits talk to their constituents about voting? To find out, Nonprofit VOTE and its partners enlisted 94 nonprofit service providers to track their voter contacts with 33,741 individuals in seven states during the 2012 election. Afterward, CIRCLE conducted an independent analysis of read more

Can Nonprofits Increase Voter Turnout? Yes. . August 6, 2013

A new study by Nonprofit VOTE found that turnout among voters contacted by nonprofits during the 2012 election was 74%, six points above the 68% turnout rate for all registered voters. The clients engaged by nonprofits were markedly more diverse, lower income, and younger than the general population of registered voters. Though these demographic groups read more

Evaluating the Impact of Nonprofit Voter Engagement . July 17, 2013

What kind of impact do nonprofits have on voter turnout when they talk to their clients and constituents about voting? Who do they reach? In 2012 we sought to answer these and other questions about the effectiveness and impact of nonprofits conducting voter engagement by having 94 nonprofits track their voter contacts. They engaged 33,741 read more

Do Voters Contacted by Social Service Agencies Vote? . March 13, 2013

Last year, 87 service providers in nine states tracked approximately 41,000 voters they registered or had sign a voter pledge card. There were 15,393 voter registrations and 25,416 voter pledges. Now, we’re using that data to measure the impact of nonprofit voter engagement and highlight effective strategies for nonprofits. We’re excited about what we’re learning. read more

Measuring Impact, Learning What Works . December 27, 2012

This year, Nonprofit VOTE undertook a first-of-its-kind collaboration to assess the capacity of service providers to promote voting and their impact in doing so. Working with seven partners in nine states, we tracked the voter engagement activities of 87 local service providers who each agreed to register or collect voter pledges from 250 or more read more

Nonprofit Voters Increase Share of the Electorate . November 8, 2012

In 2012, your organization and the entire nonprofit sector helped encourage communities across the country to participate and vote. Clearly your efforts to register, educate, and engage voters paid off. This year, lower-income, younger, and more diverse communities frequently served by nonprofits accounted for a greater share of voter turnout than ever before. While some read more

Simple Strategies to Increase Turnout . May 21, 2012

A recent briefing by Todd Rogers–a Harvard professor and former founding executive director of the Analyst Institute–synthesized research and data on effective voter turnout strategies. Many of the findings can be applied to nonprofit voter engagement efforts, helping us strategically nudge voters to the polls on Election Day. While it’s important to raise the profile read more

Voter Registration Upgrades Needed . April 19, 2012

The Pew Center on the States recently released an issue brief on “Evidence That America’s Voter Registration System Needs an Upgrade”. The report underscores the need for registration systems that better maintain voter records, save money, and streamline processes. The report notes that nationwide: At least 51 million eligible citizens remain unregistered–more than 24% of read more

Ex-Offender Turnout In Iowa . March 8, 2012

A recent study examines the effects of a 2005 Executive Order in Iowa that automatically restored voting rights to former felons who had completed their sentence. Before 2005, persons with felony convictions had to apply to the Governor to have their voting rights restored. Since the Executive Order was enacted, an estimated 100,000 Iowa ex-felons read more

New Report on Turnout Gaps in 2010 Midterm . November 14, 2011

We’re pleased to announce that our new voter turnout report, Voter Participation Gaps in the 2010 Midterm Election, is now available! It is the latest in our America Goes to the Polls series, and is based on the newly released biennial Census survey on voting and registration. The report tracks, analyzes, and explains income, age, read more

Convenience Improves Turnout . November 7, 2011

At Nonprofit VOTE, we support and advocate for election systems and practices that make voting easier, more convenient, and allow a greater number of people to participate. So we were glad to hear about a new paper by political scientists from Rice University and the University of Alabama called “Voting at Non-Precinct Polling Places: A read more

New Census Data on 2010 Election . October 7, 2011

The Census Bureau has released data on “Voting and Registration in the Election of November 2010” that compares voting and registration patterns by demographic, social, and geographic characteristics. This release is the latest in a series of national reports that is one of the most frequently cited sources for registration and turnout data. Last year, read more

Do Nonprofit Staff Vote? . September 12, 2011

Survey says…yes! Earlier this year, the Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits (SVCN) polled 560 nonprofit staff members to learn more about the sector’s voting patterns. Respondents included 114 “executive and senior managers” and 446 “line-staff personnel,” described as mid-managers, caseworkers, program and clerical staff, etc. 100% of executive and senior managers reported being registered to vote, read more

A New Look at On-Campus Voter Registration . September 6, 2011

A recent study, “Getting Registered and Getting to the Polls” examines the impact of on-campus voter registration efforts on college student turnout. Although many schools frequently host on-campus registration drives, their success is generally evaluated solely on the number of forms collected. However, this study focuses on what happens after students register. The authors explore read more

Vote vs. Voter . July 19, 2011

Question: What’s the difference between the importance of voting and the importance of being a voter?Answer: A 14% difference in turnout. A new study by Stanford social psychologist Christopher Bryan suggests that voter turnout can be improved simply by calling someone a voter, rather than asking them to vote. The study shows that subtle linguistic read more

Nonprofit VOTE Shares Groundbreaking Research . May 25, 2011

During the 2010 midterm election, a first of its kind study assessed–and ultimately affirmed–the agency-based approach to increasing voter participation. Conducted with the support of Nonprofit VOTE and the Michigan Nonprofit Association, this new research demonstrates the effectiveness of nonprofit voter engagement efforts. The study found that: When a nonprofit talked to clients about voting, read more

Thursday’s Webinar Features New Voter Participation Research . May 9, 2011

Please join us on Thursday for a webinar that will show just how effective nonprofit voter engagement is and why your nonprofit should be doing it. Nonprofits Increase Voter Participation: New Research from the FieldThursday, May 12th at 2:00pm EasternLearn about exciting new evidence documenting the impact nonprofits have when they talk to their clients read more