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10 Things to Do from Now until Election Day . August 3, 2016

November 8th is just weeks away. Early voting starts in a month in early October in some states. There’s still a great deal your nonprofit can do to encourage voting and raise the profile of Election Day.  Promote Early Voting Opportunities. Early voting can allow voters to avoid lines and provides additional flexibility in casting read more

Nonprofit Voter Engagement: North Carolina Leads by Example . November 10, 2014

Last month the Citizen-Times covered Asheville area nonprofits and their get-out-the-vote efforts. The article highlighted: Children First / Communities In Schools printed 40,000 copies of its 2014 Buncombe County Voter Guide. The guide covered candidates’ views on child poverty, education, health, social services to low-income families, affordable housing and living wage requirements. “It’s really issue-focused read more

Why Don’t Registered Voters Vote? . July 2, 2014

Through their Current Population Survey (Voting and Registration), the Census Bureau surveyed Americans who were registered but did not vote in the 2012 presidential election. The top reasons for not voting were: Too busy, conflicting work or school schedules: 20 percent Not interested, felt like my vote wouldn’t make a difference: 16 percent Illness or read more

Thursday’s Webinar: Ballot Measure Advocacy . July 23, 2013

There’s still time to register for Thursday’s webinar. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how your nonprofit can work for or against a ballot measure: Laws on the Ballot: Ballot Measure Advocacy for Nonprofits Thursday July 25th, 2:00-3:00pm EasternAlthough nonprofits cannot support or oppose candidates, they can take a stand on ballot measures. Ballot measure advocacy read more

Webinar Materials: Nonpartisan Guidelines for Voter Engagement . March 22, 2013

Yesterday’s webinar, Being Nonpartisan: 501(c)(3) Guidelines for Nonprofits Doing Voter Engagement, is now available. It describes how nonprofits can engage their communities through nonpartisan voter registration, voter education, and get-out-the-vote efforts.  Watch the presentation on YouTube. If you subscribe to our channel, you’ll be notified whenever new content is posted. You can also download the read more

Four Reasons to Get Involved in Local Elections . February 8, 2013

Although local elections lack the prominence of presidential races, they are a great platform for nonprofits to begin or expand their voter engagement efforts. Participation tends to be lower in local races because many voters don’t understand the offices, know the candidates, or have great exposure to a local campaign. Inherently, these local races (which read more

Don’t Be Shy, Engage the Candidates! . April 30, 2012

This month we’re hosting two webinars! The first is the perfect opportunity to brainstorm ways to use ballot measures to educate your clients and further your public policy goals. Taking a Stand: Ballot Measure Advocacy for Nonprofits Thursday May 10th, 2:00-3:00pm Eastern Many states put laws, constitutional amendments, and referendums on the ballot, asking voters read more