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2011 Webinar Rewind . January 4, 2012

In 2011 we hosted an array of expert presenters on a variety of voter engagement and participation topics. Before we announce our 2012 webinar series schedule, we wanted to review some of last year’s top webinars: We shared groundbreaking new research from the 2010 election that documented the impact nonprofits have when they talk to read more

Welcoming New Partners . December 19, 2011

We’d like to welcome two of our newest national partners, The National Community Tax Coalition (NCTC) and the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC), to the Nonprofit VOTE network.The National Community Tax Coalition and its 2,100 member organizations offer free tax preparation and financial services to low-income families. NCTC is the nation’s 4th largest provider read more

Holiday Tips from Nonprofit VOTE . December 12, 2011

With the holidays upon us, only a handful of people are giving the 2012 election much thought, and chances are they have a January primary. Although many people are preoccupied with carols, ice skating, hot cocoa, and vacation, there are still plenty of opportunities to sneak voter registration into the fun (without any extra effort)! read more

Registering New Citizens on Day One . December 8, 2011

The picture above was taken on 08/31/11 following a naturalization ceremony at Boston’s TD Garden. See more pictures from the event. In October, U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) revised its guidelines on voter registration at naturalization ceremonies. Now, for the first time ever, USCIS has committed to providing new citizens the opportunity to register read more

How Technology is Transforming Elections . December 6, 2011

As last week’s webinar showed, it’s never too early to start thinking about the 2012 election. In preparing for next year, many elections officials will utilize a variety of new voting technologies. Technology will impact voter registration, voter information, the voting experience itself, and administrative practices—like how ballots are counted and monitored. Finally catching the read more

November 2011 Election Roundup . November 2, 2011

Yesterday was Election Day in Colorado, although voters in most states and municipalities will not be heading to the polls until next Tuesday, November 8. However, Colorado is not the first state to kick off election season a little early. Gubernatorial and State Legislative ElectionsLouisiana has already (re)elected Governor Bobby Jindal in a nonpartisan blanket read more

October Webinar Recap . November 1, 2011

Thank you to everyone who joined last Thursday’s webinar, States Move to Restrict Voting: How Nonprofits Can Protect the Right to Vote. And a special thanks to Megan Donovan and Ellis Jacobs for sharing their expertise with us. The presentation and associated materials are now available: Watch the presentation online (with audio) or download the read more

Register Now for Thursday’s Webinar . October 25, 2011

There’s still time to register for this week’s webinar on recent election law changes! States Move to Restrict Voting – How Nonprofits Can Defend the Right to VoteThursday October 27th, 2:00-3:00pm Eastern 2011 has seen an unprecedented nationwide effort to pass legislation that creates voter registration barriers and limits access to the polls. New laws read more

2012 Nonprofit Campaign Underway in Arizona . October 21, 2011

More than 150 nonprofit leaders gathered in Phoenix earlier this month to kick off a year-long campaign to increase voter participation in the 2012 elections and “Reclaim Our Community’s Power.” The event was designed to inspire and equip nonprofits and other community-based organizations to conduct nonpartisan voter engagement in 2012. Nonprofit VOTE’s Lindsey Hodel was read more

New Hurdles: States Restrict Voting Rights . October 19, 2011

Earlier this month, the Brennan Center published a new report on “Voting Law Changes in 2012” that details and analyzes the bills that have been proposed and passed since the beginning of this year. Most have made it much more difficult for citizens to both register and vote. Restrictions have come in many forms, including: read more

October Webinar: Defending the Right to Vote . October 12, 2011

Our October webinar will address new election laws that make it difficult for countless voters to register and cast their ballot. Many nonprofits are now wondering how to best help their clients participate under the new rules, but are also seeking information on how they can fight back against restrictive voting laws. States Move to read more

New Census Data on 2010 Election . October 7, 2011

The Census Bureau has released data on “Voting and Registration in the Election of November 2010” that compares voting and registration patterns by demographic, social, and geographic characteristics. This release is the latest in a series of national reports that is one of the most frequently cited sources for registration and turnout data. Last year, read more

Last Week’s Webinar . October 3, 2011

Thanks to everyone who joined last week’s webinar, the ABCs of Nonpartisan Voter Registration for Nonprofits! The presentation and associated materials are now available: Watch the presentation online (with audio) or download the PowerPoint and audio file. If you have additional questions about voter registration, please feel free to contact our presenters: Bridgette RongitschProgram Lead, read more

Register for Thursday’s Webinar . September 27, 2011

There’s still time to register for our September voter registration webinar!  The ABCs of Nonpartisan Voter RegistrationThursday September 29th, 2:00-3:00pm Eastern Registering to vote is the first and most necessary step to becoming an active and engaged voter. This webinar will explain how your nonprofit can conduct effective, nonpartisan voter registration, emphasizing on-site strategies. Our read more

Voter Registration Initiatives in California . September 23, 2011

September has been an exciting and busy month for voter registration legislation in California. The state passed two new registration laws which will make the registration process more accessible. Their passage is yet another reason we’re excited to celebrate voter registration this month.  The first bill allows “new citizens”–individuals who became citizens during the two read more

September Webinar: Voter Registration for Nonprofits . September 14, 2011

As you may have heard, September is our favorite voter registration month, and it’s this month’s webinar topic too! The ABCs of Nonpartisan Voter RegistrationThursday September 29th, 2:00-3:00pm Eastern Registering to vote is the first and most necessary step to becoming an active and engaged voter. This webinar will explain how your nonprofit can conduct read more

Do Nonprofit Staff Vote? . September 12, 2011

Survey says…yes! Earlier this year, the Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits (SVCN) polled 560 nonprofit staff members to learn more about the sector’s voting patterns. Respondents included 114 “executive and senior managers” and 446 “line-staff personnel,” described as mid-managers, caseworkers, program and clerical staff, etc. 100% of executive and senior managers reported being registered to vote, read more

New Voter Registration Toolkit . September 9, 2011

Many states and municipalities have upcoming registration deadlines, so it’s the perfect time to talk about one of our favorite voter engagement basics–voter registration! We’re pleased to present our new Voter Registration Toolkit for Nonprofits and Social Service Agencies. This toolkit describes the role nonprofits can play in registering voters and comes with: Seven Basic read more

Putting It to a Vote . September 8, 2011

It’s official. Question 1 will appear on the Maine ballot this November. Earlier this year we reported that a new law had ended almost four decades of Election Day Registration (EDR) in Maine. But EDR supporters mounted a whirlwind campaign, spearheaded by the Protect Maine Votes coalition, to repeal the law and restore Election Day read more

A New Look at On-Campus Voter Registration . September 6, 2011

A recent study, “Getting Registered and Getting to the Polls” examines the impact of on-campus voter registration efforts on college student turnout. Although many schools frequently host on-campus registration drives, their success is generally evaluated solely on the number of forms collected. However, this study focuses on what happens after students register. The authors explore read more

A Cause for Celebration: Voter Registration! . September 1, 2011

Yesterday Nonprofit VOTE joined MIRA and MassVOTE in registering over 1,000 new American citizens to vote following a naturalization ceremony in Boston. This effort kicked off our annual celebration of voter registration, which we traditionally highlight in September. We choose to focus on voter registration in September because many states have voter registration deadlines in read more

Homeless Registrations Rise in Kentucky . July 20, 2011

Recently, Kentucky has seen a rise in the number of voter registration forms submitted by homeless individuals. As a result, State Board of Elections Executive Director Sarah Ball Johnson wrote a memo to the state’s county clerks, instructing them to approve all voter registration applications from people who are homeless–even if clerks can’t verify the read more

Project Vote Files NVRA Suit in Georgia . July 6, 2011

One of the reasons we encourage nonprofits to register their clients and constituents to vote is because many states are not fully compliant with the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), which requires public agencies to register voters. Recently, successful lawsuits in both Ohio and Missouri forced compliance and caused the number of voters registering at read more

EAC Releases Voter Registration Data . June 28, 2011

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) recently made news when it came up on the House budget chopping block. (It survived.) In the meantime, the EAC has released a new report on voter registration statistics from after the 2008 general election through the 2010 midterm election. The report covers the number of registered voters, the read more

Rock the Vote is Keeping Score . June 14, 2011

Last week Rock the Vote released a new state Voting System Scorecard which found that most states are failing to both prepare and engage young people in the democratic process. Using a 21-point scale, the scorecard measures state laws and policies on voter registration, casting a ballot, and young voter preparation. According to the scorecard, read more

Troublesome Trend in Florida . June 10, 2011

Earlier this month Nonprofit VOTE’s partner, Rx Democracy! warned of the negative impact of Florida’s proposed election legislation. Despite opposition from numerous groups, Governor Rick Scott signed HB 1355/S 2086 into law. Florida in recent years had made great improvements to its election law that bolstered voter participation and turnout by making it easier for read more

Promote Voter Registration at Your Organization . May 20, 2011

Earlier this week we congratulated Michigan for taking advantage of naturalization ceremonies to register new citizens. It’s the perfect example of how to effectively integrate voter registration into ongoing activities. By reaching out to clients while providing services (or during classes or events) nonprofits can register voters with equal success. Nonprofit VOTE has numerous resources read more

Michigan Registers New Citizens . May 18, 2011

On May 11 in Dearborn, Michigan, the U.S. welcomed a new cohort of citizens into the American family. Representatives from the Secretary of State’s office staffed an on-site voter registration table, allowing newly naturalized citizens to register following the ceremony. Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson said “I encourage [Michigan’s newest citizens] to take a read more

Lax NVRA Compliance Leaves Void for Nonprofits to Fill . May 5, 2011

Last month, Project Vote and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund filed a complaint to force Louisiana into compliance with the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), and ensure that low-income residents have the opportunity to register to vote. The suit follows in the wake of other successful complaints in both Ohio and Missouri where the number read more

New Voter Registration Poster Available! . March 10, 2011

Our new “Register to Vote” poster is now available to order! Whether you’re gearing up for a municipal election or just want to make voting more visible at your organization, this poster is the perfect tool. Voter registration is one way your nonprofit can promote voter participation year-round. Want tips on how to get started? read more

FILVOTE Aims High in 2011 . January 12, 2011

Although we’re only in the second week of 2011, some nonprofits have made their voter engagement goals clear. FILVOTE–the voter engagement project of the Filipino-American Service Group, Inc. (FASGI)–hopes to register 15,000 new voters in Los Angeles county by October of this year. To do so, FILVOTE plans to hold voter registration drives in various read more

A Nonprofit New Year’s Resolution . January 3, 2011

The Times Square Ball has dropped and most of us are back at work this week with a fresh list of resolutions. As your nonprofit puts together its 2011 work plan, don’t forget to include civic engagement! Nonprofits are uniquely positioned within communities to advocate for the underrepresented and underserved—things you do everyday! By functioning read more

Mayor Bloomberg Pushes for Election Reform . December 10, 2010

After voicing his support for San Francisco’s Saturday Voting Act, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is stepping up to the plate. Earlier this week, Bloomberg proposed a series of election reforms, including provisions for early voting, moving the registration deadline closer to Election Day, simplifying the ballot, and making absentee voting easier. His proposals are based read more

Voter Registration Begins in Sudan . November 18, 2010

While the midterms are behind us, an election is looming in Sudan. Sudanese voters won’t be electing congressional representatives, but will instead be casting their ballots to determine whether or not the country will be split into two nations. Voter registration has already begun, with individuals waiting in line outside one of the 2,630 registration read more

Enforcing the Motor-Voter Law . August 10, 2010

The 1993 National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) was designed to increase participation in federal elections. As a provision, state motor vehicle offices began offering clients the opportunity to register to vote, and the law became widely known as the motor-voter law. However, the law also requires public assistance offices to proactively register voters. Although many read more

VA No Longer to Ban Voter Registration Drives . September 12, 2008

After months of back-and-forth, the Veteran’s Administration announced this week that it would no longer ban voter registration drives at VA facilities. According to an article published in The New York Times, the reversal came after months of pressure from state election officials, voting rights groups and federal lawmakers who said that such drives made read more

Californians May Soon Be Able to Register Online . August 27, 2008

Californians may soon be able to use their computers to register to vote and they can thank the state Department of Motor Vehicles for the chance. The San Francisco Chronicle has this story…

Alabama’s Homeless Vote . August 19, 2008

Alabama homeless assistance groups are getting out the vote among their constituents, reports the Montgomery Advertiser, which ran a story this week chronicling a 67-year-old homeless man’s desire to register and cast his vote this election season. “This is really the first time since we’ve been open that there has been a presidential election,” said read more

American Democracy Institute Launches I Vote You Vote . July 24, 2008

On July 14, The American Democracy Institute announced the launch of I Vote YouVote (, a website that empowers voters to guide their non-voting friendsand family members through the registration, education and mobilization process of voterparticipation. “Half of young voters cite the encouragement of friends and family as their reason for voting,”said American Democracy Institute read more

Missouri DSS Ordered to Ensure Citizens Registered . July 17, 2008

On July 15, a U.S. District Court in Missouri ordered the Department of Social Services to ensure that each local welfare office in the state asks everyone who seeks help if that person is registered to vote, and to provide a voter registration form for those who aren’t registered. The 1993 “Motor Voter Law” passed read more

Louisiana BOE begins Voter Registration and Voter Education week . July 15, 2008

The Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office is pushing statewide public service announcements this week as Louisiana’s annual Voter Registration and Voter Education week gets under way. The Secretary of State’s office says it will be using the week to remind voters of the importance of accurate voter registration and of major changes going into effect read more

Washington Nonprofit aims to Help Disabled Adults .

A effort to register more disabled citizens to vote and improve their access to the election process is under way in Washington State, through the Kittitas County Auditor’s Office and the nonprofit Central Washington Disability Resources. Paying for the educational outreach to county disabled residents is a $49,950 grant from the federal Help America Vote read more

501(c)(3)s and 501(c)(4)s: AFJ’s Question of the Week . July 8, 2008

From Alliance for Justice’s Advocacy Blog, 6/30/2008: Question: A 501(c)(4) organization would like to join our coalition of 501(c)(3)s to carry on nonpartisan voter registration and mobilization activities. Can we allow the 501(c)(4) into the coalition? Answer: Yes, so long as the 501(c)(4) abides by the rules for 501(c)(3)s. As detailed in Alliance for Justice’s read more

Michigan Senators Push for No-Excuse Absentee Voting . July 7, 2008

Democratic Michigan senators held a press conference last week to express their support of Senate Bill 12, which would enact no-excuse absentee voting. Currently, in Michigan, absentee voting is limited to those 60 and older or anyone who will be out of town, is in jail, has religious reasons for not voting on Election Day read more

Senate Bill Proposes Automatic Re-Registration . July 2, 2008

On June 6, U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-Florida) introduced S. 3100, a bill that would encourage advance voter registration for sixteen year olds, and automatic re-registration of voters who changed their residence. S. 3100 would create a grant program to provide the States with the funds needed to implement pre-registration for sixteen year olds, ensuring read more

New Report: Universal Voter Registration .

A policy summary draft on Universal Voter Registration was recently released for review by the Brennan Center for Justice’s Democracy Program. The summary highlights problems with existing voter registration systems, and offers suggestions for implementing universal voter registration, such as: • Providing federal funds for states taking steps toward universal voter registration• Requiring “permanent voter read more

Disability Nonprofit Celebrates, Gets Out the Vote . June 25, 2008

An enthusiastic crowd of over 150 people attended the annual meeting of the Progress Center for Independent Living one recent Saturday afternoon at the Mohr Community Center. Celebrating the Forest Park-based, non-profit organization’s 20th anniversary, the annual party served as an opportunity to share information, promote advocacy, and empower people with disabilities. Consumers of the read more

Florida Immigrant Coalition Launches Voter Engagement Program . June 24, 2008

The Florida Immigrant Coalition is conducting its first voter-mobilization project and hopes to sign up 4,300 new Haitian, Latino, and community-college students between June and November. The Voter Engagement Project is currently hiring Coordinators to register new voters, get 6,000 people to the polls for the November 2008 elections, and develop existing organizations and their read more

National Campus Voter Registration Project Launches Your Vote, Your Voice .

The National Campus Voter Registration Project has launched a nonpartisan, nationwide campaign to register college students, educate students about the issues and candidates, and motivate students to go to the polls on Election Day. The National Campus Voter Registration Project, is a joint effort of 50 national higher education associations that provides resources to the read more

Minnesota Nonprofits Could Be Required to Register Voters . June 23, 2008

Nonprofits who are wary of election-related activities for fear of losing their 501(c)(3) status need not fear voter registration work – especially in Minnesota, where some nonprofit organizations are actually required to conduct voter registration for their employees and constituents. At the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits’ June 3rd Voter Mobilization kickoff event, coordinator Josh Winters read more

Virginia Organizing Project Kicks Off .

“A Charlottesville nonprofit group’s representatives might soon come knocking as part of a statewide attempt to increase voter registration and awareness of issues like health care reform. About 50 Virginia Organizing Project interns began a 10-week door-to-door campaign throughout the state last week. Around seven are canvassing an area from Williamsburg to Virginia Beach, said read more

Homeless Coalition Teams Up With LWV to Register Voters .

The Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County, Florida (about us) is partnering with the League of Women Voters for the first time in their effort to make sure that homeless people enjoy their right to vote- even without a residential address. Volunteers will begin visiting soup kitchens this week during lunch hours to register voters. read more

Denver Band Registers Voters at Concerts .

Denver’s six-member collective Flobots is a politically charged band for an election year. The hip-hop/funk rock troupe’s debut single, Handlebars, is a top 5 hit on USA TODAY’s alternative airplay chart and building at top 40 radio. Denver’s six-member collective Flobots is a politically charged band for an election year. The hip-hop/funk rock troupe’s debut read more

AP Survey: 1 in 65 Americans Registered in 2008 .

A new AP survey shows voter registration rates soaring historically during this year’s election, with nearly one in 65 Americans registering to vote in just the first 3 months of 2008.