People experiencing homelessness or who are otherwise in transition face special challenges when registering to vote. Below we discuss some of these challenges and provide links to organizations and resources that offer further information. Remember, the best source of information about these issues is your state or county election officials.

Can someone who is homeless register and vote?
Yes. Persons experiencing homelessness can register and vote in all 50 states.

What should this person list as his or her home address?
It is recommended homeless registrants list a shelter address as their voting address where they could receive mail. Alternatively, homeless registrants may denote a street corner or a park as their residence, in lieu of a traditional home address. The federal voter registration form and many state forms provide a space for this purpose.

Does the registrant have to have lived at this location for any particular length of time?
Most states have some duration of residency requirements for voter registration –  for example, having resided for 30 days or more before the Election Day in the state or county. Contact your local elections officials to find out what the rules are in your state.

Where can I find more information on registration and voting for the homeless?
For further information about registration and voting The National Coalition for the Homeless provides extensive information in their: