Voting Resources

Washington Secretary of State

• How to register to vote online and in-person
• How to request an absentee ballot
• Polling locations
• Information on voter ID and MORE!

State Voter Registration Form

• Your state voter registration form
• Steps on how to register to vote

Please contact the state elections office for any exceptions or laws on the use of this form.

Nonprofit Downloadable Resources

FAQ Sheet

Frequently ask questions on:
• Voting early
• Vote by mail
• Other voting questions

Please keep in mind that it is always better to contact your state officials about voting information.

Voter Registration Drive Guide

• Laws to conducting Voter Registration Drives
• Links to voter registration drive materials
• Contact method for election offices

Please keep in mind that it is always better to contact your state officials about voting information.

Nonprofit Associations

Nonprofit Network Southwest Washington

We strengthen Southwest Washington communities by strengthening local nonprofits through education, relationship building, and advocacy. We are the only membership organization in Southwest Washington exclusively for nonprofits, serving and representing the entire sector.

Northwest Nonprofit Resources

Northwest Nonprofit Resources (NNR) was formed in 1993 to bring awareness among nonprofit and community-based leaders. Our Focus: the issues and trends facing nonprofit organizations and the knowledge, skills and practices leaders need to address those issues. Today we team with others to share tools, learning opportunities and information resources that support nonprofits as they fulfill their missions to communities.

Nonprofit Association of Washington

Nonprofit Association of Washington (NAWA) is your state association. We’re your go-to organization for learning about nonprofit management and your best source for information, training, and resources. We also bring together diverse groups from across the state to build a world where nonprofits are respected and valued for all the good we do in the community