Engaging America’s nonprofits in voting and elections.

Who voted in the 2014 midterm election? Watch our webinar recap to find out!

Voting isn’t just good for your organization. It’s good for individuals, your community, and the health of the people you serve. Learn more in our Benefits of Voting Series.

The 2014 midterm election is over, but there are lots of other elections to prepare for. Place this registration tool on your website to ensure your community is registered to vote.

Nonprofits, Voting and Elections: A 501(c)(3) Guide to Nonpartisan Voter Engagement provides guidance to nonprofits interested in encouraging voting and covers the full range of permissible activities.

Nonprofits and Nonvoters

Who are nonvoters? The Pew Research Center reports that they are individuals “who are either not registered to vote or are considered unlikely to vote.” Nonvoters tend to be younger, lower-income, and more diverse–demographics that closely align with the populations 501(c)(3) nonprofits serve. Many of the people nonprofits serve aren’t expected to turn out, but nonprofits can (and do) change that when they have conversations about voting. Learn more about how nonprofits reach and turn out nonvoters.

After the Election: Engage with Elected Officials

The 2014 midterm is over. Nonprofits are done until the next election, right? Not even close. While one of the main goals of nonprofit voter engagement is community empowerment and helping people vote, it’s not the only priority. After an election, your nonprofit should look to engage with elected officoals as your focus shifts to your organization’s larger mission and advocacy goals. Learn more about engaging elected officials after the election.