At Nonprofit VOTE, we believe nonprofits are uniquely positioned to engage the people that they serve in the democratic process — especially during a local election year which can hit closer to home than general elections. That’s why we’ve created “Nonprofits Countdown to the Election: 2021 Virginia Primary” — a resource filled with templates for various platforms, extra resources, graphics, and other information you need to share information about the June 8 primary election with the people your nonprofit serves. 

The countdown starts six weeks out and provides timely, relevant templates (email, social, letter, etc.) covering all the tools a potential voter needs to cast a ballot including voter registration, education, and turnout. Each week, you can visit our website and copy and paste the templates most useful for sharing information with your voters. 

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We not only encourage you to read and copy the information from the templates, we are asking you to do it! Feeling generous? If you use any of our sample social media, be sure to tag us on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram

Have questions about using the resource? Reach out to us at [email protected] or visit our resource library for more materials.