Welcome to Nonprofit VOTE’s latest partner spotlight!

At Nonprofit VOTE, our mission is to empower nonprofits nationwide to drive meaningful voter engagement in their communities. We provide trusted messaging and valuable resources that enable organizations to effectively mobilize voters where it matters most. We are particularly focused on supporting human service nonprofits, including community health centers, food pantries, housing coalitions, and mutual aid associations. By partnering with these vital organizations, we ensure that voter engagement efforts reach those who have been historically underrepresented in the democratic process.

Recently, Nonprofit VOTE spoke with Hillary Evans, Vice President of Policy and Advocacy at United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, about their organization’s voter engagement efforts and partnership with Nonprofit VOTE. Hillary shared that this year, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas is celebrating 100 years of community impact. The organization focuses on improving education, income, and health to help all North Texans thrive. Committed to fostering an inclusive, multicultural, and equitable movement, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas strives to drive transformative change in their community.

Hillary Evans, Vice President of Policy and Advocacy at United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

According to Hillary, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas has been working in the space of nonpartisan voter engagement for decades, focusing on increasing voter turnout in North Texas. They play a vital role in educating their network on electoral advocacy issues, convening organizations around civic engagement, and providing capacity-building support to those working on voter engagement initiatives. By partnering with Nonprofit VOTE, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas is taking advantage of the variety of resources available to support voter engagement on the ground. 

When asked about the importance of voter engagement in Dallas, Hillary emphasized, “Voting is a sacred right. I stand on the shoulders of giants and civil rights leaders who paved the way for women and people from diverse backgrounds to ensure the constitutional right to vote.” She further explained that the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas supports this right by making access to voting and elections safe, accessible, and efficient. The organization’s goal is to make voter engagement efforts more coordinated and ensure that more individuals engage in the democratic process. 

Hillary’s advice to other nonprofits looking to get started with voter engagement is simple yet powerful: “Do not go at it alone; we are better together. Through our collective advocacy, we can build a stronger democracy and empower everyone to have a voice at the ballot box.” United Way of Metropolitan Dallas defines voter engagement success as increasing voter registration and turnout while opposing legislation that could disenfranchise voters or undermine democracy.

As we continue to work towards a more inclusive and equitable society, organizations like United Way of Metropolitan Dallas remind us of the crucial role voter engagement plays in strengthening our democracy. 

Hillary concluded the conversation by sharing a favorite quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson: “The Earth laughs in Flowers.” She added, “We have to be the seeds of change to advance a movement towards global democracy where we can all bloom, flourish, and create the types of communities that will sustain us for future generations.”
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