Start Your Summer Voter Engagement Work

Summer is the perfect time to start planning how you will engage potential voters in the 2020 Elections taking place on November 3rd. As states begin to reopen and people become more mobile, we nonprofits can help make sure our communities have the information they need to cast their ballot in the election whether they vote early in-person, by mail, or on Election Day. 

Here are some key resources to help you jumpstart your voter engagement efforts: 

10 Things to do From Now Until Election Day

This fast fact sheet can help boost your creativity as you begin the planning process with 10 ideas for how you can prepare potential voters for the election such as mobilizing staff and volunteers as well as  promoting early voting options. 

Getting Started with Voter Engagement: A Checklist

This checklist can help you and your planning team identify your options for engaging voters and make sure you don’t miss any important information. It helps you think through everything from voter registration to engaging with candidates. 

Making A Voter Engagement Plan: Questions to Consider

While the above checklist helps you look at what you can share externally, this document helps you consider your internal resources such as your nonprofit’s capacity and goals. Knowing your strengths ahead of making your plan will help make sure your voter engagement activities are a success.

Want more in depth information on how your nonprofit can engage potential voters?
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