Program Staff

  • Caroline Mak
    Research Coordinator
    Caroline Mak, Research Coordinator

    Caroline is a MIT graduate with focuses in behavioral economics, computer science, and data science. As part of her academic studies, she worked with and analyzed Catalyst voter files, authored papers on the impact of having children on parent's voting behavior. She was also the campus organizer for MITVote which registered voters ahead the recent Cambridge elections and led a project that designed an app for MIT students to update their voter registration and resolve the challenge of students about where to register (Mass. or their home state).

    Immediately following the 2016 election, she helped create a "Hopes and Fears" installation on campus to facilitate healthy dialogue. As part of an internship, she also helped document data practices with the Census Bureau. Both her Census and voter engagement experience will be brought to the fore in her role as research coordinator.

  • Lamont Harrell
    Partner Engagement Coordinator
    Lamont Harrell, Partner Engagement Coordinator

    Lamont comes to Nonprofit Vote with over 15 years of experience in political campaigning, organizing, and fundraising. Most recently, Lamont led trainings that helped parents in Washington, DC advocate for better educational opportunities in their communities. He received a degree in Political Science from Howard University and is currently pursuing a Master's in Game Design from American University as a way to create games that will serve as a bridge between civic engagement and people turned off by politics.

  • Caitlin Donnelly
    Education Director
    Caitlin Donnelly, Education Director

    Caitlin is the Education and Engagement Coordinator at Nonprofit VOTE. She has 7 years of experience designing and leading workshops and presentations for nonprofits and grassroots organizers across the country. Caitlin is a graduate of Georgia's Wesleyan College Based in Cambridge, Caitlin manages Nonprofit VOTE's popular monthly webinar series and builds the capacity of organizational partners to deepen their levels of voter engagement.

  • James Hill
    Assoc. Dir. of Comms. and Partnerships
    James Hill, Assoc. Dir. of Comms. and Partnerships

    James has worked for 20 years in the field of communications and digital communications. He has worked previously with TVOne, BET, and the Washington Post. He received his masters in communications from Georgetown University and his BA in journalism from Hampton University. Originally from Philadelphia, James has lived in Texas, New Jersey, Virginia, D.C. and now resides in Maryland.

  • Brian Miller
    Executive Director
    Brian Miller, Executive Director

    Brian joined Nonprofit VOTE as its new Executive Director in 2014, bringing 20 years of nonprofit management experience with him. Since then, he has worked successfully to raise the visibility of Nonprofit VOTE's work on the national stage, with recent stories in the New York Times and USA Today, as well as industry journals like the Chronicle of Philanthropy and The Nonprofit Times. At the same time, Brian has worked to bring the voter engagement strategies of Nonprofit VOTE to scale, leveraging new resources, documenting the impact of its work, and forging new partnerships.

    Prior to his tenure has Nonprofit VOTE, Brian served as Executive Director of Boston-based United for a Fair Economy (UFE), an organization recognized for its sentinel work to raise the veil of growing economic inequality. While at UFE, he co-authored the book The Self Made Myth, with a forward by Bill Gates, Sr. Brian also served 12 years as Executive Director for Tennesseans for Fair Taxation, a statewide coalition working to pass comprehensive tax reform. A south Louisiana native with Cajun roots, Brian started his career as a community organizer for Louisiana Citizen Action and Louisiana Coalition for Tax Justice before moving on to organize in Kentucky and Tennessee.

  • George Pillsbury
    Sr. Policy Fellow
    George Pillsbury, Sr. Policy Fellow

    In 2005 George Pillsbury joined a collaboration of nonprofit partners to establish Nonprofit VOTE, a national hub of voter engagement resources and training for the nonprofit sector. Prior to starting Nonprofit VOTE, George founded and directed MassVOTE, a nonpartisan voter engagement organization in Massachusetts.

    George has authored numerous nonpartisan voter engagement guides, including "Nonprofits, Voting and Elections: A 501(c)(3) Guide to Nonpartisan Voter Engagement" and America Goes to the Polls, a biennial series on voter turnout for the last four national elections. His articles have appeared in The Nonprofit Quarterly (“Serving Democracy: Nonprofits Promote Voter Engagement in 2012”) and National Civic Review (“A New Model for Urban Voter Mobilization”). George has a B.A. from Yale University and an M.P.A. from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.