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New York Joins National Popular Vote Movement . April 30, 2014

Earlier this month, New York Governor Cuomo signed a bill adding the state to the National Popular Vote Compact. New York’s 29 electoral votes bring the total to 165, 61% of the 270 that are needed to guarantee a majority in the Electoral College. Supporters of National Popular Vote see it as a remedy to read more

Endorse Voting November 6! . July 11, 2012

Endorse voting November 6 and get your free poster, buttons, and stickers! As 501(c)(3) nonprofits we can’t endorse candidates, but we can endorse voting. Join Nonprofit VOTE’s 2012 “Vote November 6” campaign by endorsing voting! The nonprofit sector can spread a simple yet effective message: Vote November 6. Together we can ensure our communities make read more

Coalition Pushes to Restore EDR in Maine . July 13, 2011

In June, we reported that Maine repealed its long tradition of allowing voters to register and cast their ballot on Election Day. Luckily, the story doesn’t end there: a people’s veto campaign is underway to restore Election Day Registration (EDR) to Maine. The movement is spearheaded by a collation of nonprofits, including the Maine Women’s read more

Connecting to Elections and Campaigns . March 22, 2011

How do you like to read the news? Connect with friends? Engage campaigns? If you answered the internet, you’re not alone. Pew found that more than half of all American adults (54%) were “online political users” in 2010. These people looked online for news about politics and campaigns, watched videos, shared election content, and used read more

(Broken) Campaign Promises . December 27, 2010

Now that all the presents have been unwrapped, are you a little sad that Santa didn’t leave you a gadget (or an app) that holds candidates to their campaign promises? If so, you’re not alone. Many voters wonder if they have any recourse should they discover a candidate has misrepresented him or herself during the read more