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The Question We Can Stop Asking About Nonprofits and Voting . November 30, 2018

What compels someone to vote for a specific candidate? Why do they vote for some measures but against others? Ask any professional pollster and they’ll tell you that even when all the demographic data lines up, there are still ghosts in the machine — blind turns they can’t see coming. But there is one question read more

New Resource: 2014 Voter Engagement Timeline . February 10, 2014

To help you plan and organize your voter engagement work this year, we’ve created a 2014 Voter Registration and Engagement Timeline for Nonprofits and Human Service Agencies. Broken down by month, this checklist will help ensure your work is on track. It highlights planning activities for early in the year, ideas for testing out your read more

Get Started with Voter Engagement! . March 19, 2012

With Super Tuesday behind us, there’s really no reason to delay in getting started with voter engagement! To help you kick things off, we’ve simplified our “Get Started” page to give you a few select options for learning more about talking to your clients and constituents about this year’s elections. We’ve also created a new read more