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WEBINAR RECAP: Voter Turnout in the 2020 Elections . November 25, 2020

It’s been said it before, but it bears repeating… this past election, was the biggest in over 120 YEARS, with a record-breaking 160 MILLION American’s turning out to vote! In addition to celebrating such high turnout, in this webinar, we conducted a deeper insight into the demographics of this election, breaking down the data captured through early voting periods, read more

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Why 2020 Broke Voter Turnout Records . November 23, 2020

The historic 2020 election — which saw over 160 million voters turnout — didn’t start with the series of primaries earlier this year or even the series of candidate debates in 2019.  For election officials and directors, the 2020 election started much, much earlier. “There’s this idea that election officials wake up a couple months read more